ASUS Launches Latest Gaming Laptops in 2019

By Women Love Tech
on 10 May 2019

ASUS has just unveiled their latest gaming laptops – and they’re aiming to dominate the Australian market in the same way as they do Southeast Asia.

If you’re not one of Australia’s growing number of female gamers, you might not realise that there are specific gaming laptops and right now be wondering what the difference is between it and a regular laptop.  The concept of a gaming laptop is simple: enhanced speed and better visuals. It has all the same features as a normal laptop, but with a more powerful processor, normally twin graphics cards and priority given to screen specs like how fast the screen refreshes. They’ll also often have a backlit keyboard which assigns different colours to different keys and tells you what’s going on inside the machine – it’ll change colour if it’s getting too hot for example.

With their latest launch, ASUS are aiming to up their, erm, game on all of these features…

Let’s start with the latest additions to their TUF range – the FX505. This is their entry level product at the lowest price point. It’s ‘miltary grade’ – and while we’d love to be in a room for those tests – in the real world it means it’s shockproof, heatproof, cold proof and more. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz – twice the speed of standard screens  – making it particularly suited to fast paced games like esports or shooters. Each model has a 35W AMD Ryzen7 3750H gaming processor – graphics cards vary by model. It has a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM. It runs Windows 10.

ASUS Launches Latest Gaming Laptops in 2019
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More serious gamers should check out the new addition to the Zephyrus range. The new SGX502 model has lost nearly half a kilo in weight (taking it to just 2kg) and 2cm off its width. It’s also only 18.9mm making it remarkably portable for something so powerful. It’s got a 240Hz refresh time and has up to an Intel 9th Core i7-9750H with a NVidia RTX2070 graphics card. It has up to 1T PCle SSD, 16GB RAM and runs Windows 10. A GPU Switch toggle feature also gives it an up to eight hour battery life.

Also aiming at the serious gaming market is the ROG Strix III with its a 240Hz refresh rate, 3ms response time and 100%s RGB keyboard. You can also personalise the keyboard to your own preferences. It has up to an Intel 9th Core i7-9750H with a NVidia RTX2070 graphics card. It has up to 1T PCle SSD, 16GB RAM and runs Windows 10.

ASUS’ last selling point is that they want their products to live a long life – so they’ve fitted the Zephyrus and Strix models with updated cooling technology that increases airflow by up to 20 percent and have included anti-dust tunnels to reduce the risk of debris build-up. They’ll also offer a 2-year warranty in case anything does go wrong.

Prices are still to be confirmed, but you’re expect them to sit at mid $1000s for the TUF range and high $2000s for the other ranges.  

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