Audiofly Headphones Review: Australian Made and Bluetooth Enabled

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 18 December 2018

I have been testing out the new Audiofly Headphones by carrying them to work on public transport. I have listened to audio and songs via YouTube and Spotify apps.

If these are your first set of wireless headphones, you might like to open them and set them up in the privacy of your home. The instructions are good but I had to consult them a few times.

Image Credit: Audiofly

Headphone case 

It might be easy to drop your new headphones or lose a part, so please make sure you make use of the included earphone pouch. The black pouch (I wish it was a different colour) has a great little pocket for your accessories. You might like to place the instructions here until using them becomes second nature.

Set up the Headphones

To set up your wireless headphones, first pair your devices, second charge the battery to full and then press play. I’m going to assume you are pairing them with your mobile phone.

To pair your device means to allow the mobile phone to talk (or transmit data) to your headphones. This step is best completed in a quiet place. This is where the Bluetooth technology will come into play.

To charge the battery to full, just dock (or join together) the headphone controller with the tiny charger. This step can be a bit tricky to master. I’d suggest plugging in the USB cable to the charging port first, then joining up the dots to the headphones.

Image Credit: Audiofly

Wireless Headphone Battery 

Your wireless headphones’ battery is charged by tiny magnets. This device has up to 8 hours of battery life, which equals around 8 hours of music or video play time. To extend the life of your battery you can stream on the standard settings (rather than high quality all of the time).

The headphones will now be charged in 90 minutes and the tiny light on the side will change from red to blue.

The earphones come with a one-year warranty. Audiofly is an Australian company, and these are locally designed and engineered.

My biggest frustration is perhaps that the buttons are small on the controller and the instruction are written in small text.

If you have a large handbag, you’ll want to carry around your black pouch containing the instructions, charger, Audiofly headphones and spare earbuds.

These are good value for a set of Aussie wireless headphones that sound even better.

The full range is available from the Audiofly and is available from JB Hi-Fi nationally.

About Audiofly 

Based in Australia, Audiofly design pro-audio products for musicians and music lovers alike. Since 2012, the company has been pushing the boundaries of driver technology, leading to the development of a range of professional in-ear monitors (IEMs). What started as an unrelenting drive to achieve clear, accurate sound for pro musicians, soon evolved to how we could make it better for all. That same precision and attention to detail used in our in-ear monitors has been applied to all products in our range. In-ear headphones made for the day-to-day, wireless Bluetooth products for those wishing to go further and over-ear headphones so comfy you could live in them.

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