How To Make Money From Our Old Mobile Phones

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 20 September 2016

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 we will be tempted to upgrade our phones in the coming months but what do we do with our old phones?

All is not lost.   If you have been holding on to a spare handset or two in your home office drawer it is time to spring clean and cash in.

Alarming statistics show that Aussies are mobile device hoarders and are sitting on $6.8 billion worth of unused handsets. Preloved handsets are worth money and selling some of the old phones may just fund your new device shopping spree.

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Upgrade opportunity

In the online selling world, ‘early adopters’ will sell their grandma to get their hands on the latest tech and that means they will sell their old devices to fund or subsidise their new iPhone 7.

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This stimulates selling and buying activity on platforms like eBay. Good quality preloved phones will be available and bargain hunters will be taking advantage of this. If you are not interested in the latest but want a great deal on a phone for the kids it is a wonderful time to source that preloved iPhone 5 or 6. The good news is they often are sold with all of the accessories thrown in as a bonus.

Cashing in 

Most Aussies could fetch an average of $303 for mobiles sold on

Particularly, with Apple iPhone 7 launch, there has never been a better time for people to make the most of their unused handsets while deciding what device to invest in for their future use. Even older handsets sell. In fact, if you are a serious hoarder it might just pay off. Retrotech is hot on eBay right now. If you have a very old mobile like a Motorola flip phone, you may be surprised what sort of dollars you will rake in.


How much is it worth?

I can guess the question on the lips of everyone who has hoarded a mobile device. If I sell how much will I get?

When I get this question from my clients selling their de-cluttered items I usually say three things – research, research, research.

Great News! There is a new tool that helps shortcut the research required to estimate what your preloved mobile is worth. The new eBay tool is a welcome shortcut.  The ‘How much is your smartphone worth?’ tool will ensure you pocket the best deal.

So checkout what your devices are worth and start shopping for your new mobile. There is always a great reason to go shopping particularly if you are savvy.

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