Girl Power Podcast ‘Queens of the Drone Age’

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on 14 January 2022

It’s always a joy to introduce you to women in tech who are shaking things up.

Welcome to the inclusive weekly podcast called Queens of the Drone Age which provides an insider look at the latest conversations taking place amongst four fabulous Australian tech experts.

They are Rae Johnston (Science and Technology Editor, NITV and SBS), Angharad Yeo (Presenter, Good Game Spawn Point), Tegan Jones (Editor, Gizmodo AU), and Amanda Yeo (Mashable’s Australian Reporter).

The podcast is focused on being ‘fun and welcoming’ and covers everything from Apple’s latest release to why space is terrifying and we should never go there.

“Queens of the Drone Age is basically an invitation to join us in geeking out about tech every week,” said Amanda. “Our whole lives are impacted by tech and science, from our phones to our food to our friendships, and we love diving into what this means and where it might take us.”

Rae said the podcast was created when she and her fellow hosts felt that nothing on the podcast landscape catered for their needs as women in senior roles in tech media.

“Rad, Amanda, and Tegan are three people who are absolutely at the top of their game when it comes to technology journalism, and I always learn so much whenever we go on hikes together,” said Rae. “I feel like everyone could benefit from being able to listen in on those conversations.”

Well, now everyone can!

“Tech has always been one of my favourite things to talk about,” said Angharad. “It encompasses considerate design, cool gadgets, and whacky creativity. It’s humankind’s way of striving for a better life — whether that be eating better, staying connected, or having fun! Getting to explore the wonderful world of tech with three of my best friends — who also happen to be some of the smartest minds in the area — is just the best. Tech is love. Tech is life.”

Tech is love. Tech is life

Queens of the Drone Age’s first episode is available now across all platforms.

Follow the team on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

More About Queens of the Drone Age Team

Rae Johnson:

If the Queens of the Drone Age were Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rae Johnson would be their Leonardo. A leading figure in Australia’s tech scene, Rae is a multi-award-winning journalist and relentless trailblazer who pioneered the role of Science & Technology Editor for NITV at SBS. She was also the first female editor of Gizmodo Australia and the first Indigenous editor of Junkee, because breaking ground is apparently a habit of hers. Rae has been bush-bashing her way through the industry for over a decade, regularly providing tech commentary across SBS, ABC and Network Ten, while producing and hosting podcasts such as Hear+Beyond and Take It Blak.

Born and raised on Dharug and Gundungurra country in Western Sydney, Rae is a proud Wiradjuri woman and the voice behind the “authorised by the Australian government” ads. She is also the proud mother to a large adult son, who is only a few games away from ranking Immortal in Valorant.

Tegan Jones:

Editor of Gizmodo Australia, Tegan Jones has developed a keen nose for when something’s suss in tech — and isn’t afraid to call it out. With eight years’ experience as a tech and video game journalist, she is an authority on everything electronic, and has a particular passion for consumer tech and the social issues plaguing the industry. A regular tech commentator on ABC News, Sunrise, A Current Affair, and Weekend Today, Tegan has frequently demonstrated her insightful expertise on Triple J, ABC Radio and Download This Show.

Tegan also ferments her own hot sauce and bakes rosemary and garlic sourdough, which has made for some of the fanciest hikes the Queens have been on.

 Angharad Yeo:

As seen on TV, Angharad “Rad” Yeo is an award winning television presenter, video game critic, and tech commentator who collects shiny new gadgets like a magpie. Most well known for hosting ABC ME’s Good Game Spawn Point, Rad has appeared as a tech and gaming expert on such as The Today Show, The Project, The Feed, and Download This Show. Rad also hosted ABC Science’s web series Rad Experiments and Elevator Pitch, because she is a massive simp for science, and produced, presented, and edited ABC Listen’s How Games Play Us podcast on the intersection between video games and broader culture.

When not telling everyone within earshot about her latest tech toys, Angharad spends her time parenting Boatmeal the Border Collie (a massive sook who needs cuddles to live), and tending to the confronting number of plants in her apartment.

 Amanda Yeo:

Amanda Yeo came down with a severe case of Big Nerd in high school, and sadly never recovered. Now Mashable’s Australian reporter, Amanda writes on tech, games, and our rapidly boiling world in the hopes that screaming into the void will make the void finally get up and do something. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications such as Kotaku, Fandom, and Empire Magazine, and her fiction has been published in several books and performed by the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Amanda previously worked in refugee law assisting people seeking asylum in Australia, and holds degrees in both Communication and Laws. She would like to stress that she doesn’t currently practice, and nothing she says on Queens of the Drone Age should be taken as legal advice.

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