Australia’s 5G Network will Drive the Country’s Digital Economy

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on 26 October 2017

It’s going to be a huge breakthrough for Australia once again as Deloitte Access Economic has just recently released a report about the rolling out of 5G network that will have a great impact in driving the country’s digital economy.

The future of mobile network is rapidly developing and most of the countries are now in 5G. The continued development of this 5th generation mobile network or wireless systems became pivotal to Australia’s growing economy, 34 billion long-term productivity benefits.

5G Paving the Path to 2020

While 5G isn’t expected until 2020, many companies are investing on it and that includes Australian companies to prepare themselves for the new mobile wireless standard.

According to AMTA (Australian Mobile Telecommunications Network) CEO, Chris Althaus, 5G network is the bomb. “It is the next evolution in mobile technologies which will offer unprecedented productivity and connectivity enabling impacts for Australia’s economy and society. This represents an evolution that will feature the ‘industrial internet’ which will greatly expand and diversify the range and impact of mobile applications and services”.

5G’s core element is focused on increasing wireless connectivity so that it will enable more innovations in the Internet of Things, better mobile broadband, massive and critical machine communications – which are all essential to successful digital economy and networked society.

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Because it is futuristic and something to look forward to, 5G network connections must be based on “user experience, system performance, enhanced services, business models and management and operations,” according to the Next Generation Mobile Network 5G white paper.

Australia’s Digital Economy Roadmap to 5G

From 3G to now 4G, every generation of mobile technology has generated a very real economic and social benefits, across public to private sectors and individuals and communities.

3G was a breakthrough in communications and is widely used in phone calls, messaging and data. On the other hand, 4G, works the same with 3G but with faster internet connection and claims to be 5x faster than existing 3G services, thereby, providing download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Benefits of 5G

The Australian Government has announced its significant investment in 5G in the future. With that, Australia’s digital roadmap to 5G includes immediate priorities targeting spectrum availability, streamlining network deployment regulation and fit-for-purpose regulatory frameworks.

Examples of sectors and industries that will benefit from 5G includes but not limited to manufacturing, energy and utilities, automotive and transport, financial services, health, education and media/entertainment.

Expansion of products and applications are also expected to improve under 5G – opportunities arising in artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, self-driving cars and virtual and augmented reality.

The 5G Policy

In addition from Deloitte’s report, it highlighted the key role for the government in developing a clear 5G policy agenda – a commitment announced by Minister for Communications, Senator Hon Mitch Fitfield, last week in the Government’s 5G Directions Paper.

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