Australia’s Best Female-Hosted and Female-Run Podcasts

Alice Duthie
on February 21, 2023

Just in time for International Women’s Day, we have rounded up the best home-grown podcasts that are hosted or produced by women. From accessible business news and pop culture updates, to advice on how to navigate your thirties, there’s something for everyone to love.

Australian True Crime

By Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb

Think nothing ever happens in your town? Australia’s suburbs are home to some of the most mysterious and disturbing true crime cases in the world. Meshel Laurie is a true crime obsessive. Emily Webb is a true crime author. And together with expert interviews with writers, victims, investigators and perpetrators, they probe the underbelly of our towns and suburbs, and uncover the darkness at the heart of Australian life.

Wild with Sarah Wilson

By Sarah Wilson 

The multi-New York Times bestselling author, activist, minimalist and former news journalist who founded the global phenomenon ‘I Quit Sugar’ travelled the world for 10 years (living out of one bag) to explore the freshest ways to live fully…and to save this one wild and precious life we have together.

She riffs with philosophers, creatives, poets, scientists (and at least one nun!) on the Big Questions that haunt us. What goes through the mind of a prisoner on death row? How does Sia invent her art? Will we die from climate change and can our rage save us? Is being Australian a mental health crisis? Join Sarah as she wrestles a path to the answers…

Too Peas in a Podcast

By Mandy Hose and Kate Jones

Listen to Mandy and Kate laugh (a lot) and cry as they chat to each other and friends about parenting multiples with disabilities and additional needs.

Mandy Hose is a great woman, who runs her own sleep and settling consultancy business called Mandy Hose She Knows, and loves her family. She is a co host of Too Peas and began the podcast to help all parents of multiples who live with disabilities and additional needs. Mandy wants no one to feel alone anymore, parenting on the road less travelled.

Kate Jones is one half of Too Peas in a Podcast. She also has 5 children including identical twin boys who were her inspiration for starting the podcast.

The Deep 

By Zoe Marshall


From  terminal parents to sex workers, extremists and drug addicts, The Deep is a place for thought-provoking conversations that help us explore who  we are, when no one is looking.   

Cracked wide open by  her past trauma, grief and abuse, Host Zoe Marshall holds the space for  others to share their fascinating stories and perspectives through these deep conversations.

The PJ Podcast

By Polly “PJ” Harding. Produced by Olivia O’Flynn


PJ Harding is a former radio host of the hugely popular Jase & PJ show which saw success in New Zealand and Australia. After a weird few years globally and some tough times in her own personal life she decided last year to pack it in and move home to be with her farmer fiancé. Turns out sheep and cows don’t quite provide the banter she has been used to and after a good GAP year (minus the travel and wild shenanigans) PJ is back and ready to overshare with a weekly podcast. With a new guest on the show each week from comedians to sexologists and astrologers, The PJ Podcast will be your dose of laughs, connection and almost guaranteed foot in mouth moments.

Olivia O’Flynn is a multidisciplinary creative whose work spans podcasting to producing, writing to content development. She has accrued nominations and awards for her ability to create engaging, thought-provoking narratives across different mediums, with a focus on audio storytelling. In 2022 her manuscript Hollow Bones was long-listed for the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers, and she was named one of Radio Today’s 30 Under 30 to watch in podcasting. She currently produces and edits the New Zealand Podcast nominee The PJ Podcast, and hates writing about herself in the third person

Better Than Yesterday

By Osher Günsberg, Executive Producer Rachel Barrett


Better Than Yesterday is a weekly conversation that hopes to help you make today a little better than yesterday. The hit-show is Executive Produced by Rachel Barrett.

Rachel was born on a cloudy Wednesday and spent the formative years of her life catching lizards and watching age-inappropriate musicals. She has been spent the last 20 years working in the entertainment industry in Australia and the UK. These days you can find her producing multiple podcasts as part of her role as Head of Podcasts at Harry M Miller Group, including the much-loved Better Than Yesterday. In between the scheduling and booking of guests and the many tasks that go into producing a weekly podcast, she manages to listen to 20,000 hours of podcasts a year. Rachel can be found with one earpod in at all times because her motto is ‘Podcast Is Life’

Last Drinks

By Maz Compton


Last Drinks is a new conversation about how to live an awesome life without alcohol, hosted by radio personality Maz Compton, who has been sober since 2015. With the hope to re-frame the cultural norm of alcohol in our society, explore sobriety and sober curiosity through the lens of honest, engaging conversations and empower people to redefine their relationship with alcohol.

The Dive

By Sascha Kelly from Equity Mates Media


Who says business news needs to be all business? The Dive talks about the stories that matter, brings in the broader perspective, and doesn’t use the dense jargon that leaves you behind. Each episode, your host Sascha Kelly, is joined by her colleagues as they answer a different question, inspired by the news of the day. Listen to The Dive to hear the stories that impact you – wherever you are.

The Frae

By Kylie Camps


A place for conversation, consideration and sharing experiences. You will find a variety of episodes including interviews with thought leaders, authors and experts with a mixture of solo episodes with Kylie Camps sharing her own experiences of navigating her thirties.

Kylie Camps is the founder and director of The Frae and The Kind Parenting Company. With a passion for personal growth, reflective thinking and learning from experiences, Kylie has completed training via the Beck Institute in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

The Frae Podcast is a space for curious conversations and musings on all things to do with love, happiness, health and growth. With close to 3 million downloads, The Frae Podcast has become part of a mental health toolkit for many women. 

Kylie is a certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant who began working with families to improve their sleep and wellness in 2014. The Kind Parenting Company is now an online education resource for parents who are passionate about evidence-based methods and kind parenting techniques.

After Work Drinks

By Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill


In 2018, magazine editors and best friends Isabelle Truman and Grace O’Neill started After Work Drinks, a twice-weekly podcast covering news, fashion, pop culture and politics in an easily digestible format (with a glass of wine in hand). 

Peaking at number one in the Australian podcast charts, AWD has since been featured in Harper’s BAZAAR US, GRAZIA, ELLE, marie claire, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Popsugar, Pedestrian TV, The Denizen and Now to Love.

Let’s Talk About Sects

By Sarah Steel


Let’s Talk About Sects is an award-winning monthly podcast focusing on a different cult each episode. Sarah takes a storytelling, deep dive approach, looking at the history of a sect’s leaders, the recruitment of members, their experiences, psychological aspects, and notable incidents during its existence.

Culture Vulture

By Shit you Should Care About’s Lucy Blackiston and Ruby Edwards

Culture Vulture provides a welcome break from the news cycle to chat about the biggest pop culture moments of the week. Hosted by Luce and Rubes, the duo behind the insanely successful, Shit You Should Care About podcast. 

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