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Women Love Tech has won numerous technology awards since its launch in 2012 including the Australian IT Journalism Award and the Australian Web Award for Best Innovative Technology Website.

Women Love Tech is an award-winning lifestyle technology digital blog for women. Discover the best Apple iPhone, iPad and Android app through our product reviews. Women Love tech features travel, health, technology news, beauty and fashion categories, plus exciting blogger tips, cool gadgets, social media solutions, emerging technologies, and the latest news.

We are very proud that our hard work has been recognised and it (finally) paid off. More importantly, a big thank you to our fabulous readers who have followed us since the beginning! Without you, the site would not exist!

women love tech awards

Women Love Tech was for the first time nominated by the prestigious Australian Telstra Women’s Awards as a Nominee in 2015.


Finalist of the Australian IT Journalism Awards 2014 in three categories:

Best Website + Best Personal Technology Coverage + Best Independent Media.

AwardsFinalist Blogster Award 2014 – Pedestrian TV – Innovative and Design category.


Finalist of the Australian Journalism Awards 2013 also known as the Lizzies for the Best Independent Media.


Won the 2013 Australian Web Awards – State Winner (NSW) for the category of Web and Technology Innovation. 


Finalist of the 2013 Ultrabook Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards for the category of Technology, Media & Design.


Finalist of the Bupa Blog Awards 2013 for the category Health Influencer.

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