Tory Archbold Talks to Bahar Etminan about How Failure is Her Secret Sauce

By Tory Archbold
on 25 November 2020

Imagine finding yourself in an international media storm, which read like a tawdry tabloid car crash “sex, lies and betrayal” being the headline that accompanied her red carpet photos. What do you do?

It’s a nightmare scenario that happened to Editor and Founder of Bahar Etminan in June. For the first time ever, Bahar talks about what happened and her surprise response, telling host Tory Archbold on her new Powerful Stories podcast why she felt her core value of loyalty, bound her to support her partner. 

“I was doing the appropriate thing, which was to be loyal, loyal to the humanity of that person,” Bahar tells Tory. “I was very concerned with his health and wellbeing. I would do it again.” Unfortunately,  I got lumped with the title of ‘glamorous girlfriend who stood by her man during a sex scandal.”

Powerful storie, Bahar Etminan
Powerful Stories episode with Bahar Etminan

As is revealed in the podcast, there’s so much more to the force-of- nature mother and serial entrepreneur, than glamorous girlfriend. She’s also a digital pioneer and educated diversity champion. Bahar learned ayurvedic medicine at 18, was a GM for luxury brand Gucci at 24 and started her first company at 28. Today she’s the founder and editor of lifestyle brand, Youtube Channel RescuTV, online education platform She’s a published author, speaker and mentor.

In her candid conversation, she covered the importance of asking for help, the one thing women entrepreneurs need to know, love at first sight and the three pillars of a woman’s being (you need to hear that!)

“One of the things I’ve learned through failure is what I call the essential steps to prevent being taken advantage of,” Bahar says.

“I have learned to believe in patterns and not apologies. I’ve learned not to fall in love with the potential of people or things. I’ve learned to believe in red flags. I’ve learned to know my worth, and I’ve learned never to lower my standards.”

Join Tory and Bahar on the new Powerful Stories episode, on Nova and Apple and Spotify.

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