Bahar Etminan Launches Membership on Sunroom App to Share Insights on Beauty

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on 1 May 2023

Beauty and wellness expert, Bahar Etminan, has announced the expansion of her media publishing with the launch of a creator profile on the Sunroom app. With an established reputation as an author, editor, and podcast host, Bahar is now set to share exclusive content and services with members on the Sunroom platform.

Monetising content outside of social media, paywalls and digital courses is becoming a growing trend. The importance of connecting with true fans and followers on a more personal level is paramount, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness space. With her extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, Bahar Etminan is perfectly poised to take advantage of this technology.

“I’m excited to be joining the Sunroom community and offering my audience a more intimate and supportive space to talk about deeply personal and taboo topics,” said Bahar. “As a woman in her late 40s, I understand the challenges of ageing, hormonal changes, and intimacy issues. My audience is women 35+ and they want real talk, real advice without filters and censorship.”

Sunroom is a technology platform that was co-founded by Lucy Mort, former design director at Hinge, and Michelle Battersby, previously Country Manager at Bumble Australia, aiming to offer an alternative to mainstream social media apps that are hostile to women and other marginalised groups. The app uses a Gen Z design filter to run a social feed blended with the premium monetization model of platforms such as Patreon or OnlyFans.

In an interview with TechCrunch, the founders stated that Sunroom aims to empower creators who are tired of seeing their content devalued and censored on other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. According to Michelle Battersby, the founders started the platform after hearing from women and non-binary creators who had a difficult time on other social media platforms due to heavy moderation and shadowbanning of their content.

Bahar’s content on Sunroom will focus on cosmetic surgery, aesthetic procedures, cellular wellness, menopause, hormonal health, intimacy, biohacking and new beauty.

“Sometimes it’s not possible to talk about and share content on these deeply personal topics on social media or even on the podcast,” said Bahar. “My followers want to hear directly from me,  in an intimate and supportive space. They want to talk privately about their problems, insecurities and aspirations. Sunroom’s technology is accessible as a starting point and the opportunities for creators to offer custom experiences such as coaching, one-on-one conversations, and other products is unique and modern.”

Bahar’s creator profile on Sunroom will offer a range of exclusive content, including articles, videos, and podcasts. In addition, she will provide consulting and coaching services to her followers.

“I receive hundreds of DM’s to questions that need a proper conversation,” said Bahar.

“Sunroom will allow me to connect to my podcast listeners, social media followers and newsletter subscribers in a more authentic and useful way. As the world of AI accelerates at an alarming pace, and ambiguity on the source and authenticity of digital content is questioned, now more than ever, real-life connection matters.”

Bahar Etminan
Beauty and wellness expert Bahar Etminan says, “Sunroom will allow me to connect to my podcast listeners, social media followers and newsletter subscribers in a more authentic and useful way”. Photo credits: Parlour X

Unlike other platforms that rely on ads or sponsorships, Sunroom app. offers a membership model that allows creators to monetise their content directly. Creators can focus on content that truly resonates with their members, rather than worrying about pleasing advertisers.

“Sunroom’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive space for female creators and their members was a major factor in my decision to join the platform. As someone who has always advocated for a more honest and open conversation around topics like cosmetic surgery, aesthetic procedures, cellular wellness and new beauty, I believe that Sunroom offers the perfect digital platform for me to do just that. The design is advanced and includes anti screen shot and screen recording technology to protect content being shared outside of the platform. This is key for privacy, safety and value to paid members. ”

Bahar Etminan’s creator profile on Sunroom is now live, and followers can access her exclusive content and services by subscribing to her membership

About BE. Ageless on Sunroom

Sunroom, a membership-based platform for video content also offers creators the opportunity to build paid membership channels and offer custom experiences such as coaching, VIP messaging, and consulting services. This is a new way to connect with Etminan’s existing audience across 22K newsletter subscribers, 30K social media followers, Ageless by Rescu Podcast, digital courses and content hub platforms. 

About Ageless by Rescu

Launched in May 2021 as a brand extension to Rescu, with an e-magazine, a podcast now in season 6, YouTube channel, online information hub, and digital courses, AGELESS by Rescu was the first direct-to-consumer multimedia platform of its kind covering the world of cosmetic enhancement, rejuvenation and modern beauty.

Building on the success of its original platform Rescu – founded in 2005 by prominent industry figure, former Estee Lauder brand general manager (Bobbi Brown and Origins) and Gucci Timepieces head, Bahar Etminan – AGELESS by Rescu serves as a portal that connects consumers with a suite of solutions and experts for their aesthetic, cellular wellness and modern beauty concerns. From skincare to injectables, the science of cellular wellness and rejuvenation, to surgery and everything in between, AGELESS by Rescu has become the definitive portal that connects its audience with the full range of possibilities of timeless beauty.


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