Baidu Antivirus Will Protect Your PC For Free

Frederique Bros
on 21 September 2014

Baidu is an award-winning antivirus with a cloud security solution. Baidu antivirus will protect your PC for free. This is a very good news for PC’s owners and users! Let’s see in details how this is possible.

Baidu is combining a multi-scan antivirus engine with cloud-based protection. It offers top-level defense against viruses, Trojans and other malicious applications and websites. Baidu offers 5 layers of protection for free!

5 Layers of PC Protection

  • System Protection: Protects critical system locations that can be easily infiltrated by malicious programs.
  • Webpage Protection: Protects your Internet security by intercepting and disabling “phishing” attacks, trojans, fraudulent content, and other malicious websites.
  • Device Protection: Protects your computer security by scanning and preventing infection from USB flash drives and other mobile storage devices.
  • Browser & Homepage Protection: Prevents malicious programs from tampering with your browser and homepage settings.
  • Download Protection: Scans downloaded files in real-time to prevent malicious programs from infecting your computer.

Powerful Benefits

Free Forever!

– No download costs, annual subscription or fees of any kind.

Powerful MultiScan Engine

– Reliably detect and remove over 99% of malware and virus threats.

Always Up-to-Date

– Cloud based scanning ensures you’ve always got the best protection.

Anytime Local Support

– Get help when you need it, in your language

Real-Time, Proactive Defense

– Actively protects you while you work, play and browse the Internet

About Baidu

Baidu Antivirus has received many accolades on the strength of its security, including recognition from VB100, AV-Comparatives, Checkmark and OPSWAT. It is also a proud member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program.

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Image Credit: Baidu

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