By The Beach iPhone 5 Cases You Will Love

By Frederique Bros
on 10 June 2014

Women Love Tech invites you to discover clickicase, the new kid of the phone cases market. A world with amazing unique designs, high quality hand made cases all made with love and passion. We present first the collection we are all fond of, By The Beach iPhone 5 cases you will love! For Apple iPhone 5 cases, iPhone 5S caseS and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. 

The clickicase team get their inspiration from fashion, they love bright colors, the beach and anything cool.

Have you always wanted to change your phone case regularly? Do you think it’s an expensive habit? Not anymore, at clickicase we offer premium quality cases with 3D vibrant colors with a little price.

A Little More About clickicase


Say stop to ugly and boring cases – with clickicase you can dress your phone beautifully with our high quality cases. They love to be creative and fashionable – all of their designs are unique, cool and made with love from their Sydney studio.


Time to have fun!

Mix and match the case you love with your outfit – create your own style and transform your phone into the latest fashion accessory. Why not have a case for the office, for going out or for a relaxing weekend? The options are endless!

Sea Horse

3 seconds

It takes only 3 seconds to change a phone case – 3 seconds for a new look . 3 seconds to impress your entourage with a beautiful case. 3 seconds to show and to share your sleek new phone case with your friends.


Price & Delivery

$24.95 only and, free shipping on all Australian orders!

Palm Beach

We believe your phone is your most precious device helping you in your everyday life, but also it should be protected and look beautiful! Enjoy their collections by visiting clickicase site.

Images: clickicase

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