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Beat The Aussie Heat With The New LG Air Conditioners

Beat The Aussie Heat With The New LG WH Series

Summer is coming! With warm weather fast approaching, LG Electronics Australia (LG) has introduced a new way to help Aussies keep cool – with the 2018 LG WH series of air conditioners.

Stay Smart

Forget worrying about where the remote is. With the latest smart technology in the WH series, you can set the cooling on the air conditioner to your preferred temperature through your smartphone. Just download the LG Smart ThinQ app and it will give you access to your AC even when you’re not at home.

Stay in Control

You can also monitor your energy consumption with the LG Smart ThinQ app that can provide you with real-time and weekly or monthly energy usage. It also alerts you when you’re about to reach a pre-set limit.

The Active Energy Control feature lets you cap the energy consumption of your air conditioner with three levels of power reduction for your energy-saving needs.

Stay Healthy

Sometimes, instead of battling the too-harsh sun outside, staying indoors seems like a better option. But microscopic particles in your home can also do harm to your health, so how’s that fair, right?

If anyone in your family suffers from summer allergies, the LG’s WH Series can help them breathe easier with the Autocleaning and Plasmaster Ioniser Plus features.

The Plasmaster Autocleaning infuses the air with over three million ions to reduce those microscopic particles. This, in effect, sterilises over 99% of harmful bacteria and deodorises the air.

The WH Series has been designed to keep the household air cleaner while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. There’s also a ten-year warranty on inverter compressor parts. For more information, visit

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  1. These ACs are too good. I’ve been using them and they smoothly run for a year or so. They just need regular servicing regularly.

  2. Definitely, these ACs are the best. Apart from that, I would suggest having wooden flooring at home as it reduces the heat to an extent





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