Become The Couchmaster With The CYCON2

By Pamela Connellan
on 26 May 2022

Most gamers would rather play games from their couch that’s for sure and the latest lap desk for gamers from nerdytec makes this even more appealing. Nerdytec has made a line of lap desks for gamers called the Couchmaster for some time and the latest one is called the CYCON² which comes with memory foam cushions, ergonomic operation and a structure which relieves stress on your shoulder, back and neck.

So with the CYCON² you get all the comfort but it’s combined with ergonomics so you won’t sacrifice any gaming skills. The CYCON² is the current flagship of all the Couchmaster models and it comes with six integrated USB 3.0 ports so all your input devices – including keyboards, mice, gamepads and headsets – can be connected directly to it. Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can also be connected and charged at the fast-charging USB port.

A special cable means even the most power-hungry devices can be operated by the CYCON²

Couchmaster cable
A specially-designed cable establishes the connection between your PC and the CYCON² so even the most power-hungry
devices can be operated with the CYCON².

To keep the cables of the connected devices out of the way and to avoid having to lay countless cables across the living room up to the couch, nerdytec came up with a new design for all of the gamers out there. The designed one cable – especially developed for the CYCON² – and this cable establishes the connection between PC and Couchmaster, and simultaneously provides additional power with the included power adapter. This way, even the most power-hungry devices can be operated with the CYCON².

Because it has compact cushions, the CYCON² takes up less space on your couch. It’s made from memory foam and covered in a suede-like material. For environmental reasons, nerdytec vacuum-pack the cushions so the amount of packaging used is considerably reduced. As well, only fully recycled plastic is used for the support board.

The CYCON² was designed by a German Design University and has a lag-free connection powered by the new USB 3.0 hub. It comes with self-adhesive Velcro tape which you can use to fix the peripherals – the keyboard and joystick – to the support.

The CYCON² is rated highly for its ergonomics

From an ergonomic point of view, the CYCON² comes highly recommended. Physiotherapist Roland Kellerbach from Cologne, Germany, has said: “From a health point of view, I can say that the Couchmaster offers the best ergonomics for using the PC/laptop from the couch. Thanks to the large cushions, the shoulder and neck muscles are relieved during use, which effectively prevents tension.”

As this graphic shows, the Couchmaster CYCON²
is a better ergonomic solution if you want to game on the couch.

As the graphic shows, the Couchmaster CYCON² allows a more back-friendly sitting position and this reduces some of the health problems gamers can find they get when gaming from their couch.

More about nerdytec

Nerdytec was founded in 2011 by two guys called Roman Jakob and Chris Mut. Both were passionate gamers and they were sick and tired of playing computer games at an uncomfortable desk. So they developed an idea which would make the to conquer the territory of the console players: the couch.

And so, the first versions of the Couchmaster were created. Early on, they were made of wood but they’ve continued to develop these lap desks right up to the current Couchmaster CYCON². They also developed the Couchmaster Lapboard and the Couchmaster CYWORK – both specially designed for laptops.

As Chris said: “I am a person who has always had a certain enthusiasm for visual greatness in TV’s or even screens. So one day, when I finally had a 52” television of my own, I decided to connect my computer to it. No sooner said than done – and despaired: The computer buzzed, the TV beamed, but there was no reasonable way to operate the system with mouse and keyboard without having to struggle with nasty back pain. But it was these back problems that moved me from the desk/chair to my cozy couch, true to the motto: ‘Rather lie and walk than sit and stand.’

Chris and Ron nerdytec
Nerdytech was founded by two guys called Roman Jakob and Chris Mut.

“So, after long research and trying out various unimaginative ‘breakfast tables’ and cheap lap boards, which by the way had the similar back-damaging effect, the strong desire to make it better was born,” Chris continued. “I called my friend, Roman Jakob, for advice and explained the initial situation: I had already put together a board as a support for the keyboard and mouse pad, as well as two square-shaped side cushions, on which the board found a stable position. Now it was time to develop the whole thing further to make it suitable for the living room. So we spent the whole autumn and winter of 2011 tinkering, testing, discarding and reworking. All this happened in our ‘Nerdroom’ converted garage at my home, which was very suitable thanks to the five computers, comfortable sofas, screens, a screen and a refrigerator full to bursting with energy drinks.

“When the Couchmaster was finally finished in an earlier version and we saw the open mouths of our friends, it was immediately clear to us: the world had been waiting for such a product. So the first step was done soon and we founded a company which we called ‘nerdytec.’ Nerdy technology – technology for nerds and computer affine people.

“That we should be right about our belief in a gap in the market was demonstrated to us at the first exhibition, a gaming contest called Benq Finals. Our booth with four Couchmasters – including televisions and sofas – was literally bombarded with people and queues were created to try out this new product. Even after the event was over, the enthusiasts could hardly be stopped from playing on our Couchmaster. Since then, we have continued to develop and expand the ‘Couchmaster’ family with limited editions and notebook versions.

“Always with a wink and the motto: ‘Be the Couchmaster,’ we managed to make the Couchmaster known worldwide. But there is one thing we never forget: our customers, fans and friends. Service and support are very important to us and we are grateful for any feedback because we want to constantly improve ourselves and offer gamers the best opportunity to forget everyday life and immerse themselves with their friends in the cyber world,” Chris said.

To find out more you can visit nerdytech here.

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