Best Of 2014 A Juicy Review In Music, Movies & Apps

By Frederique Bros
on 7 January 2015

Already a new year, as we don’t know yet what to expect this year. Let’s do a quick time travel in the past: 2014. What were the hottest hits in music, movies, TV shoes, books, Podcasts and apps this year?

Best Of 2014 A Juicy Review In Music, Movies & Apps

The Best of 2014 is a fascinating review of the year that almost-was. It’s a chance to celebrate the most popular digital content and discover anything that you may have missed throughout 2014 on iTunes and the App Store. 

Here are some of the highlights:


Best Artist – Sia

Best Album – Chet Faker, Built on Glass

Best Song – Sam Smith, Stay With Me

Best New Artist – 5 Seconds of Summer


Best Director – Boyhood

Best Family Movie – The LEGO Movie

Best Blockbuster – Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Australian – Charlie’s Country

TV Shows

TV Show of the Year – Fargo Season 1

Best Performance – True Detective Season 1

Best Book Adaptation – Outlander Season 1

Best Australian Show – Please Like Me Season 2

Apps – iPhone

iPhone App of the Year – Elevate Brain Training

iPhone Game of the Year – Threes!

Apps – iPad

iPad App of the Year – Pixelmator

iPad Game of the Year – Monument Valley


Fiction Book of the Year – Lost & Found

Nonfiction Book of the Year – Hack Attack


Best Classic Podcast – Hamish & Andy

Best New Podcast – Sleek Geeks Podcast

Let’s embrace 2015 and see what this year will surprise us with.

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