5 Best Fashion Apps For A Sustainable Closet 

Ruby Feneley
on 5 December 2022

Want a sustainable closet? Well, these fashion apps are for you. 

  1. Depop 

Depop is a millennial and Gen Z favourite. The fashion platform has the expressed aim of creating a “community-powered fashion ecosystem that’s kinder to the planet.” The app allows vintage lovers to shop the closets of their cool acquaintances. The social media layout of the accounts encourages Depop sellers to personalise their accounts and model clothes themselves. Indeed, some individual accounts have become so famous they’ve created retail businesses in their own rights, curating vintage clothing for their fans. UK based Depoper Pascale Davies has 56k followers and has sold close to 2000 vintage items so far. 

Depop iOS and Android 

boohoo fashion
Boohoo fashion

2.The RealReal 

Like luxury with your sustainability? The RealReal curates high-quality luxury fashion. Here you will find recent items at steep discounts and rare vintage pieces. The app allows you to nominate brands you love, so you’ll be shown when any new pieces are released and to favourite items for later if you’re unsure. A veritable vintage fashion library, it’s almost as fun to browse as it is to shop. 

The RealReal iOS and Android 

Best Fashion Apps For A Sustainable Closet 

3. Vestiaire Collective 

Another for the designer bargain hunters out there, Vestiaire specialises in luxury, discounted items promising from 30-70% of the original price. Like The RealReal, the app and website have a luxury magazine feel. Every item on the site is sold and checked by experts for authenticity and quality – you won’t find any designer knock-offs here. One of the best features is the ability to filter by seller location – if you’re shopping for an upcoming event and don’t want to risk your new outfit getting delayed in transit (thanks COVID), you choose to only see sellers in your country. 

Vestiaire Collective iOS and Android 

fashion week
Want a sustainable closet? Well, these fashion apps are for you. 

4. Whering 

When I’m getting ready for a night out, I know at least 50% of my wardrobe will end up on the floor as I figure out an outfit. Whering takes the chaos out of getting dressed while encouraging users to minimise their consumption by reminding them of what they already have. The app allows you to digitise your wardrobe (a la Cher in Clueless). The most time-consuming part of using the app is taking pictures of your clothes. The Whering team then crops and tags them for you, so you can style your look from the couch (and skip the aforementioned floordrobe whirlwind). If you’re feeling uninspired, the app can provide suggestions, and you can also take inspiration from other users – sending potential looks to friends. The app will also remind you if you haven’t worn something in a long time – so you can give it a new lease on life or Marie Kondo it out of your closet. 

Whering, iOS and Android 

fashion designer Mary Katrantzou
Swarovski Dress by fashion designer Mary Katrantzou

5. Latitude 

Latitude is a weather app with a difference. Founded by former fashion editor Anne Slowey and stylist Anne Christensen, Latitude provides outfit inspiration based on your current wardrobe, style preferences, and the weather. Ever wondered what to wear to a work meeting during an El Nina downpour? Or a first date look during a New York winter? While Latitude takes the time and guesswork out of dressing for the weather, it also allows you to list pre-loved items for sale, earn points, offset carbon emissions with every purchase, browse for inspiration, and connect with fellow users via their community pages. We love it! 

Latitude, iOS 

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