Beyoncé Arrives On Snapchat Before The Release Of Her Next Album – Renaissance

Alice Duthie
on 7 July 2022

The queen has arrived! In major pop-culture news, Beyoncé has joined Snapchat!

Famed for her social media mysticism, it has long been speculated as to when Queen Bey would join over 332 million people worldwide, and 7 million Aussies, on the platform.

It seems that Beyoncé uses her mysterious presence on social media to hint to her fans that she will soon release new music. Last month, on June 11, Beyoncé removed her profile picture across Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, signifying the start of a new era. Not long after, on June 20th, Bey released her club-house hit “6. Break My Soul”.

Photo by Carlijn Jacobs
Renaissance Album Cover Art by Carlijn Jacobs

So, what’s next for Beyoncé? We know that her official Snapchat account currently features “6. Break My Soul” and nothing else. It’s currently listed as song number 6, implying that it will be the sixth song on the album. Her TikTok account is equally mysterious, with 3.3 million followers but no posts as of yet. We wonder if she will post closer to the album drop date.

Beyoncé joined Snapchat just before the platform launched its subscription service. With the subscription, premium users will be able to gain early access to features that are not yet available to the public. You’ll also be able to view who has re-watched your Snapchat story and pin other users as BFFs.

Stay tuned to see what unfolds on Bey’s social media over the coming weeks! Renaissance will be released on July 29, with pre-order and pre-save available right now.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to her channel here or via scanning the Snapcode below.  

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