How Big Internet Users Maintain Skinny Bills?

By Frederique Bros
on 2 November 2013

I don’t need to tell you how Internet becomes so important in our everyday lives. I work from home, using Internet for Women Love Tech’s blog, chatting with my overseas friends, social media, online banking, emails, music, movies, even daily horoscope, I browse the Internet in average of  10 hours per day. Yes I’m a ‘fat’ Internet user. Adding to this, few daily calls and the monthly bill can give you a heart attack! How big Internet users maintain skinny bills?

First they shop around comparing prices, Internet and calls volume. It’s a quiet competitive market with lots of good offers.

Here 3 tips to guide you to make the best choice.

Tip One.

You need to assess your Internet & Phone usage. To measure it, we talk in GB (memory): GB is an acronym for gigabytes. For instance, a movie will be between 1.2GB to 2.5GB. More gigabytes you have per month more you can use Internet without worrying to go ‘overboard’. For the phone, you need to know (in average) how many times you call locally, nationally and to Australian mobiles.

Tip Two.

Budget. This is an easy one, how much can you pay per month?

Tip Three.

Find the best ADSL Broadband plan that will suit your budget and consumption. For this I will recommend you iinet. Their  Internet service counts over 650,000 subscribers in Australia. As the second largest provider of ADSL broadband, they commit to delivering fast internet, great value and awesome customer service.

What is a skinny bill?

A skinny bill for me it’s when I can use lots of lots GB and my monthly bill (with phone calls included) is under $90.

5 reasons to bundle your broadband

Get the best deal by bundling your Broadband with our home phone services. Combining any eligible broadband plan with Home Phone gives you access to great benefits like quota boosts & monthly discounts.

1. Bonus quota each month

Bundle eligible broadband with phone to enjoy up to double the download quota, plus great local and international call rates

2. Bundling discounts

Get a monthly discount on eligible Broadband plans when bundling with Phone. Save $5 each month on Mobile Broadband if you have an iiNet Broadband or Phone service.

3. Free calls, iiNet to iiNet

Netphone gives you free calls to other Netphone numbers. If your friends and family have a Netphone service as well, you all get your own Australia-wide free call network.

4. Local & National calls included with Netphone2

Add Netphone2 to your Broadband & Phone bundle and make all your calls via your broadband connection. No timed charges, no connection fees, just $9.95 per month for Netphone2.

5. The convenience of one bill

iiNet products and services are designed to work together.

Customers review

“Ismaeel was so very helpful getting me set up with the net – I cannot thank him enough”

– “I have asked for support, it has been given with so much help – thank you.”

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