Trust, Transparency And Teamwork: Partners In Life And Work Engineer Enterprise Data For Better Business Decisions

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 21 March 2024

Power couple Rebecca (Bec) and Zachary (Zach) Zeus are the co-CEOs and founders behind data engineering firm, BizCubed. As well as being in the business of reshaping data operations, they are also spearheading a revolutionary new venture called PyxGlobal, focused on global supply chain transparency. Tracy Spicer sat down with the dynamic duo to learn more about their approach to doing data differently, developing the best strategies for company culture and discussing Rebecca’s pivotal role as co-owner and co-CEO.

From data pain to better business decisions

Bec and Zach define BizCubed as a “better decisions company.” Their mission is to alleviate the complexities associated with data and identify efficiencies, helping clients to make more informed decisions, and freeing up time and capacity for high-value activities and innovation. “What we do is we take the pain out of data. The way we do that is through creating data ecosystems that work for people. And we’ve built a team, a business culture, and a methodology that helps our customers achieve that,” they say.

As Bec takes the helm as the co-CEO, she will elevate her focus on ensuring sustainability of the growing business, while continuing to support operational consistency as the team executes on BizCubed’s mission of helping people make better decisions every day.

“We focus on helping business teams take advantage of the data ecosystem that they have, more effectively, to achieve their strategic vision and objectives,” says Zach, who started the company in 2006.

“I’d come from running a big data team in New York. What I saw was the opportunity to close the gap between the business teams and the technology teams in the use of data. That’s the core strength of our methodology and approach.”

As a mother of four, avid volunteer, non-profit board member, crafting enthusiast, engineer, entrepreneur, and Lean Six Sigma Blackbelter, Bec embodies a multifaceted approach to leading BizCubed. With a background of achievements in chemical engineering and seven years as BizCubed’s Executive Director focused on data engineering and operational excellence, Bec brings a wealth of expertise as she steps into the role of co-CEO. Her recent initiative to formalise and certify BizCubed’s Information Security Management System showcase her commitment to excellence.

Rebecca and Zachary Zeus from Bizcubed with Tracey Spicer on the set of Game Changers
Rebecca and Zachary Zeus from Bizcubed with Tracey Spicer on the set of Game Changers. Photo: Andrea Francolini

Cultural growth … without compromise

Despite BizCubed’s exponential growth in recent years, Bec and Zach have always ensured that the BizCubed company culture remains stable. The brand’s recruitment processes have been updated to adopt a culture-first focus.

“One of the things we’ve been excited about is seeing our company culture remain stable through the growth,” says Bec. “We overhauled our recruitment process a few years ago when I joined the business as Executive Director, and redesigned it as a culture-first approach.”

“We believe you can build skills, but you can’t change the fundamental values of a person. And alongside leveraging that, we’ve introduced components to reduce bias as well.”  She also adds that BizCubed’s onboarding and enablement is probably where they’ve seen the biggest positive impact, which has evolved into a program that delivers business resilience, team development and customer delight.

PyxGlobal: Pioneers of “trust architecture”

Alongside his transition to a more strategic (and less day-to-day) role in BizCubed, Zach has embarked on a new venture – PyxGlobal. Described as a “trust architecture” company, PyxGlobal aims to build a global community of trust architects. That is, professionals who sit at the intersection of policy, commerce, people, and technology and help organisations navigate the complexities of ESG, carbon reduction, and traceability while maintaining transparency, value, and ethical standards.

“It gives businesses the tools to keep the promises they’re already making,” says Zach. “We see this in lots of different industries, where what’s printed in the annual report doesn’t quite translate to reality. That causes massive disruption to their share price when people find out. Because people do. It also causes quite a lot of disruption to their internal culture. Building the capability to take control of that and manage that effectively is really what we’re focused on,” says Zach.

Zach and Bec’s commitment to modern, multifaceted leadership along with ethical, sustainable, and transparent business practices is both reshaping data operations and laying the foundation for a future where businesses thrive through informed decisions, balanced cultures, sustainable supply chains and a profound commitment to trust. Truly allowing their personal philosophy of the B³Method (Business + Balance = Bliss) to be reflected in the businesses that they build.

Rebecca and Zachary Zeus from Bizcubed
Rebecca and Zachary Zeus from Bizcubed. Photo: Andrea Francolini

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