B&O PLAY Guide For Music Lovers

By Women Love Tech
on 30 January 2022

If you love music then check out the B&O PLAY range of speakers, earphones and headphones

You can’t go past them for the ultimate combination of style and functionality, and variety of sound experiences.

Speakers:Beoplay P2 (AUD RRP $290)

Beoplay P2 is a truly personal and fully portable Bluetooth speaker with rich, full bodied sound. Designed so you can enhance your personal audio experience wherever you go, P2 can slip easily into a bag or pocket.

Available in six different colours, you can shake or tap the speakers to access smart features via Beoplay App and enjoy up to 10 hours of Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound on one battery charge.

Earphones: Beoplay E8 (AUD RRP $500)

Beoplay E8 is B&O PLAY’s first truly wireless earphones. E8 present simplicity and style while delivering industry-leading sound, a seamless listening experience on the move and a sophisticated design in premium material and with touch interface. Coming in two different colours, the earphones have up to 4 hours of playtime on one charge with an additional 8 hours from the case.

Discover The Bang & Olufsen New Headphones Beoplay H
Discover music with Bang & Olufsen

Headphones: Beoplay H9 3rd Gen (AUD RRP $500)

The prize piece of the B&O PLAY headphone collection, Beoplay H9 is the height of luxurious listening. You can move freely with wireless, Active Noise Cancelling, over-ear headphones that give you pure music without the noise. Features Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, intuitive touch interface, exchangeable battery and luxurious materials such as anodised aluminium and natural, genuine leather for strength and comfort.


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