BodyBarista Is The Newest Disruptive App For Fitness And Weight Loss

BodyBarista Is The Newest Disruptive App For Fitness And Weight Loss

There’s a reason why there are so many of the Before and After photos on Instagram. Or the many weight loss transformation stories online. Weight loss and fitness etc. are a huge market, and the number of apps that cater to it, are proof. Disrupting the tried and tested fitness market, with a new approach to how we measure ourselves, is BodyBarista. It’s a body measurement app that measures your body based solely on pictures you take with your phone in a mirror. It’s literally that simple!

BodyBarista was founded by Peter Falk, an engineering physicist with 15 years experience in optical measurements, accuracy, and software. The app was created in Copenhagen and launched in 2013, and has since secured a US patent for its Photogrammetric calibration technology.

Not only does the BodyBarista app measure your body with the pictures you take on your phone in front of the mirror, but the measurements are really accurate too!

This month, a major update in the app now allows you to find out your body fat percentage from pictures, and compare your ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos.

Some of the highlights of the app include:

  • It works on any iPhone running iOS 11 and beyond.
  • Snaps your body scan within seconds.
  • It’s got a US patent technology.
  • Its accuracy is within 1 to 1.5% – easily beating the accuracy of the bathroom scale by a whopping 34%
  • Its consistency is 1 to 1.5% – making it far more reliable than the measuring tape.

All these features make BodyBarista a stand-alone app that is disrupting the way we use bathroom scales and body fat percentage measurement tools.

Who needs a measuring tape when technology allows us to just snap a picture and automatically get our measurements instead, right?

BodyBarista is free to download from the App Store.

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