Bose Sleepbuds Review: Discover The Sweet Sound Of Silence

Women Love Tech
on 12 September 2018

Emeric Brard reviews the Bose Sleepbuds after attending the Sydney launch.

I looked at my phone. 12:43 am. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not fall asleep. I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts over the sound of my dad snoring, he might as well have been screaming in my ear.

I tried everything, I put a pillow over my head, then a blanket, I even put in earphones to block the sound. Nothing. Although to be fair, the earphones did work for a little while, until I turned over to lay on my side only to feel the earphones digging into my ear making it extremely uncomfortable.

I thought to myself If only there were something that would completely block the sound, whilst also remaining comfortable.

It’s funny, Bose must’ve heard that very thought; and unsurprisingly enough, millions of others’.

In fact, according to Bose at their product launch, 60% of adults globally reported difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, and 45% of Australians reported daytime consequences due to this lack of quality sleep. Whether this be poor work performance, changes in mood, or feelings of lethargy throughout the day, Bose had had enough, and decided to do something about it.

Bose’s product launch gave me an insight into what the Sleepbuds could do. Off the bat, the design looked very slick, both earbuds being white, small and light, fitted into a very appropriate magnetised silver charging case that keeps the earbuds in place whilst also charging them at the same time. Not only are they light as a feather, but they fit in ear so seamlessly that you may even forget that they’re in there in the first place. That’s simply the combination of the tiny earbud nodule and the StayHear+ Sleep tips available in small, medium and large sizes, perfect for people who move around and change positions during their sleep, and in my case, the side-sleepers.

So they look good, and they feel good…but do they actually work? At the product launch, I was put into a room and made to lie down on a resting chair. After putting the earbuds in, right next to me was a Bose speaker that played sounds of snoring, typical noises you’d hear in a city, and noisy neighbours.

Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds

One minute I was back in my bed listening to the irritating sound of my dad snoring, the next I was riverside listening to the soothing sound of water trickling downstream. The noise just left. No more noisy neighbours, no more honking cars, and definitely no more snoring. The earbuds are accompanied by a compatible app called Bose Sleep that allows you to control what sounds you listen to (up to ten options), how long you want to listen to them for, and even set your own personal alarm.

Sydney Launch of Bose Sleepbuds

Renowned for its crisp-sounding, elegantly designed products made to enhance sound, particularly for music, I thought it amusing that a company such as Bose has gone and done the complete opposite and, well, got rid of sound. But, this combination of comfort and functionality make it that much more enticing, providing a new high-tech remedy to what is an ageless problem; inadequate sleep.

Buy the new Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds at: 

RRP: $379.95 (AUD)

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