Bose SoundTouch The Effortless Powerful Wi-Fi Speaker

Frederique Bros
on July 5, 2015

The best part of working hours behind a computer is that I can listen to music all day long. I listen to music for over 14 hours per day so I would prefer to do it on the best sound system. This is why when I had the opportunity to review Bose SoundTouch, I said to myself ‘I have the best job in the World.’ You should’ve seen my smile when I installed the Bose system in the Women Love Tech office. Let me take you on my journey with Bose SoundTouch, how does it work, what I like about it and why my neighbours do not like me anymore.

Bose SoundTouch The Effortless Powerful Wi-Fi Speaker

If you’ve been reading Women Love Tech for a while, you already know that like most women I hate reading instruction manuals. When I review products I like to test and install them within 5 minutes. Bose SoundTouch is an effortless experience. I literally installed the speaker in 2 minutes.

How Does It Work

1. Unbox the speaker (be careful it’s heavy)

2. Plug the speaker into a power point

3. Install the free app on your phone (SoundTouch – Free – Apple)

4. Install the same app on your computer + connect (with plug) your computer to the speaker, this will link your music library like iTunes

5. Sync the home’s Wi-Fi system

6. When both apps are synced – you can play music from your computer or from your smartphone or tablet

7. You have also the option to create your own playlist by selecting music from Pandora, Internet Radio, Deezer, and Spotify

8. Pick your favourite tune and play it loud

My office is not big; I usually listen to music from two speakers on my desk connected to my computer. Behind my desk there is a piece of furniture, which was the best place to put the Bose SoundTouch speaker. The speaker easily covers the entire room’s volume.


– Rich, clear sound will fill large room

– Access to 20,000 Internet radio stations from around the world

– Wireless connection via your home Wi-Fi

– Beautifully designed speaker

– One-touch access to your music with six personalised presets

– Customise zones for different music in different rooms, or play the same music in every room (with additional SoundTouch™ products)

– Available in black or white finish

To test the speaker, I listened to my favourite tunes very loud and to be honest the sound is incredibly pure and stable! A real pleasure and I highly recommend it.

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