Boyfriends Of Instagram: There’s No Shot They Can’t Get!

By Women Love Tech
on 29 August 2017

For a good while now they’ve always been the unsung heroes who walk among us: the often reluctant boyfriends who go the extra mile to get that perfect Instagram shot!

Well, now it’s their turn to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight they so richly deserve.

Gently mocking both the men taking the pictures and the women in them, the Boyfriends of Instagram Facebook page (46,000 likes at the time of writing) is compulsive viewing.

The hilarious behind-the-scenes snaps show the lengths these men go to give their partners the perfect shot. We see them lying on the ground, crouching down and even teetering on the edge of a hot tub.

The women are seen creating an array of candid poses – from lying in the sand, performing yoga poses or just thoughtfully staring out to the horizon.

There really are no lows that some women will ask their blokes to stoop to.

Just remember guys there is only once place all this is heading – a broken, emasculated life as an Instagram Husband.

Remember poor Geoff, from the below viral YouTube hit of the same name?

Enough said.

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