What Business Owners Should Expect From The New Facebook Pages

Frederique Bros
on 2 June 2014
Facebook the last few months, put a lot of efforts in redesigning theirs news feed. Now the makeover is Facebook Pages. Let’s see what business owners should expect from the new Facebook pages. Personally, I made the changes this morning on Women Love Tech Facebook, so I will use my own page to illustrate the changes. Also, your readers will only see the changes on your page at the end of this week, so it gives you few days to feel comfortable around it.

Key Features Of The Update

Updated Page timeline design
– The new design includes two columns. The right-side column of your timeline now displays all your Page’s posts. The system is the same, where you update the status, photo, with a small extra, offer and event are now on the the menu. This one-column display means that all of your posts will appear consistently on your Page and in News Feed.
– The left-side column of your timeline features information about your business, including a map, your hours of business, phone number and website URL, as well as photos and videos. The ‘invite your friends’ section has moved from the right to the left side, and the text box for posting switched from the left to the right, are you following? Ref; the featured image.
The info about your business, you will have more space to write a longer business description and a separate section for your site link. Also when you go to page admin in settings/page info, Facebook added a section for the Impressum for your page.
Back to the left side, your apps will be moved to the left side, same for the photos and other pages you liked.

Timeline Menu

– The about section, looks clearer and neat.
– The photos section loads much faster than the ‘old look’, as usual you can browse your photos with the most recent ones or by albums – the add video albums, is new a new one. 
– I don’t know which apps you set up in your pages, for Women Love Tech, I have 3, newsletter, Pinterest and Twitter, so I was surprised when in the Timeline menu besides About, Photos and more, now I have a tab for the newsletter. You can change the order of your apps by clicking on ‘More’/Manage Tabs where you can drag the apps you want to appear in the Timeline menu, pretty cool.
– The only downside, there is no option to see your page as ‘view per public’ like on the Facebook personal page (unless I missed it), so I had to log out to preview my public settings. Annoying.

Page Admin

Page admin has been simplified and it’s easier access to key admin tools. No matter where you are on your Page, you can now view information about the ads you’re running and new likes on your Page, as well unread notifications and messages. You can click on any section in the This Week section for more detail. I really like this option and of course it’s the public can’t see it.
Top Menu
Facebook also added new navigation options to the top of the Page, making it easier to access your activity, insights and settings. The Build Audience menu at the top of the Page offers direct access to your Ads Manager account.
Now, it’s time for you to update your Facebook business page, note those changes are only for the desktop the mobile’s version will come later. Good luck.

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