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By Frederique Bros
on 17 November 2015

Bountye is changing the way Aussies donate to charity by connecting buyers and sellers via its platform, with sales going directly to the buyer’s preferred charity.   

A world first, Bountye Charities is a way for people to declutter their homes of unwanted or unused items with next to no time and/or resources required via a beautiful, simple mobile interface. Bountye sellers can now choose to keep the funds or donate them to one of Bountye’s preferred charity partners directly. 

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Beyond Blue, Youth off The Streets are the first charities to get on board, with more to follow imminently. 

“We are always on the lookout for innovative and easy ways to reach more donors so we can help more sick children and their families,” Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation CEO Leanne Warner said. “Bountye provides a great service while also helping those in the community who need it most which is a winning combination! We are thrilled to be one of the first charities on board and thank you to those who partner to raise vital funds for Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.”

Bountye is available in the Apple App store

“The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation offers support for people who are sometimes invisible in our society so we appreciate the way Bountye Charities gives our supporters (or friends, as we call them) a simple, clever and efficient way to help us help our community,” said David Riddell, Chief Executive Officer, The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

With Australians donating less money to causes and non-profit organisations than they did a decade ago, and more than 60,000 registered non-profits in Australia, Bountye Charities helps fundraising organisations reach donors and get cut through in a crowded landscape. A typical Australian home is hoarding around $4,000 worth of items they no longer use or want, and with approximately eight million households[2] in Australia, that’s around $32 billion dollars worth of dormant value. To donate even one-tenth of that would be game-changing for charities.

“That bag of stuff in the spare room or boot of the car you keep meaning to drop off to the op shop? Bountye can take care of that for you from your mobile phone.  This is about the evolution of the op shop and helping your favourite charities benefit more directly from your actions,” said Asim Brown, Founder at Bountye. “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome these high-profile innovative charities to the Bountye community, and are talking to other similarly forward-thinking organisations about how we can help them.” 

Visit Bountye website:

About Bountye

Bountye is a mobile app for people who want an all-around better way to buy and sell quality, pre-loved items with the ability to create groups and integrate with social networks.

Images: Bountye

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