Byron Bay Steps In The Future Dancing In Silence

By Frederique Bros
on 2 July 2014

During the long Easter weekend I was lucky to be in Byron Bay. One evening, I was strolling along the beach, when I saw a scene from the future, people were dancing on the beach, feet in the water… in silence! The only thing I could clearly notice (by the way I wasn’t drunk) it was those dancers wearing flashing wireless headphones with LED lights. So imagine my surprise and delight to witness a scene like that.

Byron Bay Steps In The Future Dancing In Silence

Further up the beach, there was a cool small van with Avishay – the founder of Fun Maker – he was so happy to explain how it works. The concept is simple and yet so creative. Avishay DJs from his van with his MacBookPro, he is using Fm radio frequency to connect his music to his headphones – people can listen to the music anywhere without being noisy and disturbing neighbours. Avishay was creating a very spontaneous dance party on the beach, and trust me when I say people were happy having lots of fun!

I tried one of his headphones, and within a second I was dancing barefoot in the sand. People were queuing to hire the headphones for $10. I was so amazed by his idea – that I gave him my business card and told him I want to write about Fun Maker in my site and share it with my readers, so here it goes. But check the video first:

About Fun Maker

Funmaker is a mobile sound enterprise, responsible of a new music revolution birthed in Byron Bay. With the aim of creating ‘fun’ in every places it goes, Funmaker is a sonic platform able to spread happiness and experiment new ways of interaction with the public.

As a response of a true society’s necessity of feeling alive, this project started back in the day with the purpose of compensating something missing in our lives: the freedom to deliberate dancing, freedom of being part of something beautiful happening in the world and above of all, the freedom of expression.

Known as precursor of written languages, dance, is one of the earliest ways of communication human beings has ever experienced, with it we make love, we interact, express emotions and vibrate. The sober excitement comes naturally and makes you fulfilled. This is a simple recipe that allows everyone to be involved, to enjoy life, and the effects are clearly visible by empiric results, when you have fun you don’t need anything else , its just enough.

Funmaker is a music van that goes almost everywhere and starts amplified parties or amazing silent disco with 400 wireless glowing headphones with awesome 3 live dj simultaneous channels of music from all around the world in a matter of minutes, its a non stop developing project that has kept growing since his birth. Therefore research and constant exploration, are the key of a never-ending path towards the seeking of new ways of enjoyment and life appreciation.

All the used equipment is running from solar panels joining a real and contemporary answer the world is giving against hungry resources exploitation, being thus an example and showing alternative ways people can choose.

It’s a lab that gets inspired by every event we do, every person we meet; every day it goes we are improving and merging any new idea for a solid dream coming true because this is just a part of a bigger plan that our actions will begin and effect as many people as possible.

About Avishay

My name is Avishay Biton, i’m 27 and originally from Israel. I came to Australia after years of searching for a place that will allow me to dream but also execute in real life. Iv’e been doing music production and Djing all my life and combine it with travelling and making people happy was the perfect dream for me. So I fell in love with Australia and specifically with Byron Bay. worked for 6 months and then quit my job and started to build the van slowly with my friend Uri and his magical Mind and hands behind the Funmaker’s design.

In a few weeks of dedication and weaving the silent disco idea inside, my rusty van came alive and we decided to try it out.

We drove to the main beach of Byron Bay and just started the music. From that moment on, the Funmaker started a huge happy journey that reached thousands of hearts and made so many people happy. We’ve Discovered how many good things it contributes to the individual but also to the community.

It’s Silent, It’s dance floor is anywhere and especially under the stars, it has 3 channels of different music styles and the most important fact of all – Its open for everyone to join with there art, ideas and inputs.

At the moment we are aiming to get Funmaker all around the world as a huge plan to become the world’s first fun network and silent disco is just a fraction of it. We already have a base in Byron Bay, Sydney, Sweden and more to come. Any person with a passion for making this world happier in any way can contact us and we will get together.

PS: For my readers who are not Australians and don’t know about the cool Byron Bay here is the official link.

Images courtesy: FunMaker

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