Celebrate Earth Hour & Protect The Place You Love

By Frederique Bros
on 17 March 2016

To celebrate ‘Earth Hour’ (19th March), we take a look at some great educational resources exploring different facets of life on Earth, citizen science and sustainability.

Celebrate Earth Hour & Protect The Place You Love

Here a great collection of great iTunes U Courses & Collections, Textbooks, Books and Apps focussed on the environment and sustainability.

iTunes U for Primary students

How far would a fruit fly fly if a fruit fly could find fruit? School Kit (NZ Ministry of Primary Industries)

This course encourages students to explore their own school’s biodiversity by participating in an international citizen science project. Lessons include biology, mapping, statistics, coordinates, ecology and community responsibility.

iTunes U for Secondary students

Biology: Life on Earth E.O. Wilson 

Learn biology with E.O. Wilson via his free Life of Earth multi-touch books, as well as taking part in engaging learning experiences linked to citizen science projects. 

Molecular visualisations of DNA W & E Hall Institute

The ‘DNA’ project includes a five-part documentary series, museum film and ‘DNAi’ online resources for teachers and students. The dynamics and molecular shapes were based on X-ray crystallographic models and other published scientific data sets. 

iTunes U for Tertiary students

The Life of Charles Darwin Charles Darwin University (NT)

Learn about one of the greatest contributors to our understanding of ecology, and author of On the Origin of Species. This course explores the complex man behind the complex theory of evolution; his life, the choices he made, what drove his passion and the influential people around him.

iTunes U for lifelong learners

Gorongosa: Using Citizen Science to Learn about Ecology Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

Connect to actual ecological research in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, once a thriving national park until decades of war decimated its large animal populations and halted tourism. A long-term restoration project is underway to restore the park, using remote trail cameras equipped with motion sensors and an online citizens science portal. 

Australian Earth Hour Website

Other Great Educational Content

Apps for Green Living (app collection)

Make sure you’re doing your part to keep our planet in good shape with abs that help you maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Get tips for recycling, shop from green retailers, monitor your energy consumption and more.

Trash Talk by Elizabeth Shenstone (iBook)

Explore the world of waste with this Multi-Touch book from the Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre in NSW. Understand the impact of litter on the environment, how to reduce waste, reuse products and recycle. 

Stress-Free Sustainability by Adam Hammes (audiobook)

An easy-to-understand framework for overcoming frustration and burnout while trying to make a difference in the world, based on Hammes’ own life experiences as an environmental advocate. Aims to help train the leaders of tomorrow to solve the social and environmental problems of today.

Environment Podcast by ABC Radio National (podcast) 

Commentary on the environment, climate change and the great outdoors from experts. 

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