Celebrity Beauty Secrets App Unveiled

Frederique Bros
on 8 June 2013

Which celebs are going red? What’s the hottest new lip color? Find the answers with Celebrity beauty secrets app unveiled! All of your beauty news and trends questions are right here. Whether you’re looking to read up on beauty’s most startling news or simply in search of a new ‘do, your search is definitely over.

Experts Reveal: The stars’ favourite products, their anti-aging treatments, the diets that really work, tips for great hair and more.

For this app, people who created this app interviewed the celebrities’ team of experts – including their makeup artists and hairstylists, their trainers and skin-care specialists – to get their inside secrets, favorite products, must-have treatments, most unusual diets, fun new workouts and more.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Features

  • Beauty News and Makeup Tips
  • The latest news and trends
  • The best of beauty tips

Celebrities are often our benchmark for beauty. They mystify us with their seemingly perfect looks and ageless attributes. We all realize that, while it is their job to look beautiful and present a flawless appearance, they have the team and resources to help them get there.

The good news is that many of their looks are attainable – and often without a lot of time or investment, which is why we created the first installment in our book series.

This app is an invaluable resource that gives you the tools to achieve beautiful results. Get the app today, you will love it!


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