Changes to LinkedIn Help Employees Stay Connected

By Michael Sheather
on 4 September 2020

Professional networking site LinkedIn has announced substantial changes to help employees stay connected to their colleagues and friends during the coronavirus pandemic.

Staying connected to your work colleagues and your friends is even more important than ever during the social disruption that has transformed our lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s just six months since we suffered the shock of the pandemic and the series of lockdowns that closed offices and other workplaces across the country, though it may seem much longer.

However, the effects of the social disruption that accompanies such closures is now beginning to reveal itself. According to a recent Glint survey, as the pandemic goes on employees across Australia are suffering from a diminishing sense of connection to their leaders (31 per cent), their teammates (37 per cent) and even their friends (40 per cent).

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As a result, leading professional networking website LinkedIn Australia has announced changes to its Pages features to help organisations and employees stay connected and improve communication.

These feature changes include the creation of a My Company tab that aims to connect colleagues on a deeper level to bring a company’s workforce closer together and help people celebrate key accomplishments and achievements at the same time increasing engagement for employees.

There is a new Events tab that allows companies to display the events hosted on LinkedIn, whether from the past, in the present or the future, to help drive viewers and engagement with target audiences.

And finally LinkedIn has created a new View Page Followers feature that allows people to see a list of your page’s followers with an additional function to sort those followers by company, industry and location for deeper insights into the online community you are building.

“Helping Australian professionals connect with their leaders, colleagues and their network is more important than ever in a virtual work environment,” says Prue Cox, Director of marketing Solutions at LinkedIn Australia. “LinkedIn is proud to be introducing a range of new online features to help organisations embrace their employees and stay connected to their communities.

 “These features include a new My Company tab, that can bring a workforce closer together by celebrating accomplishments, milestones and new hires in one place. The new Events tab that will help your company followers view past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn, and ensure professionals are across all the latest news and webcasts from your organisation.  The View My Followers page will enable Admins to see more valuable insights about their audiences enabling them to build more meaningful conversations with their communities.”

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