Chat GPT News: Why Open AI Hired (and Fired) Three CEOs in One Week!

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 27 November 2023

A lot can happen in one week. (Just ask anyone who’s managed to commit to a daily workout for seven days straight, how good they feel!). And the world of tech is no exception, with the latest Chat GPT news delivering a whole lot less about Artificial Intelligence and so much more about real-deal HR goss! Here’s how it played out … 

Sayonara Sam Altman

It all started on November 17, when OpenAI (owners of ChatGPT) shocked the tech industry and announced the departure of Sam Altman as its CEO. Altman, a prominent figure in the tech world, had been at the helm of the business since 2019, guiding it through crucial developments and partnerships. The decision to part ways with Altman left many speculating about the reasons behind this sudden and unexpected move. Considering submitting your CV…? Unfortunately someone beat you to it!  

Make Mira Murati feel welcome

In a surprising twist, OpenAI then promptly appointed its Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, as the interim CEO. Murati, known for her contributions to the field of AI and her role in shaping OpenAI’s technical strategy, seemed like a natural choice to fill the leadership vacuum. The move suggested that the organisation was looking for a steady hand from within its ranks to navigate the uncertain waters.

Enter left of stage: Emmett Shear

However, the saga didn’t end there. Shortly after Murati assumed the role of interim CEO, OpenAI made another unexpected announcement – the appointment of Emmett Shear, former CEO of Twitch, as the new head honcho. Shear’s experience in leading a prominent platform like Twitch brought hopes of a fresh perspective and strategic direction to OpenAI.

Return of the Sam

Just when industry observers were trying to make sense of the leadership shuffle, OpenAI dropped a plot twist – Sam Altman was making a triumphant return as the CEO. The decision to rehire Altman raised eyebrows and prompted questions about the rationale behind the initial separation.

In an official statement, OpenAI cited the need for a change in leadership style and strategic direction as the primary reasons for Altman’s initial departure. The brief interlude with Murati and Shear provided the organisation with valuable insights, leading them to conclude that Altman’s visionary leadership was irreplaceable.

Is this final deal done and dusted? Well, we put the question to ChatGPT who simply said: “Watch this space…” 

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