From AI To Art – Samsung’s Illuminating Chorus Of Light Breaks Down Language Barriers

By Sadie Archibald
on 7 June 2024

Samsung’s Chorus of Light is not just a dazzling visual display in Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay, it is also a fascinating example of how the power of AI technology can help break down language barriers and unite humanity through language and shared aspirations for the future.

The installation inspired by Galaxy AI is currently showcasing at Vivid Sydney from 6pm each night and provides an interactive journey. You are immersed in an illuminating array of light as you walk through the installation. Then when reaching the centre, you can record a message of hope for the future and choose out of the 16 languages available with Galaxy AI. You also get the opportunity to create a message which will then be live translated and expressed as a dazzling light display in a co-created visual masterpiece by renowned international media artist, Susan Kosti. What makes this show special is its unique combination of innovative technology, art and inspiration. Everyone’s message has a completely unique light display. Allowing anyone to unleash their creativity and productivity in a new way and also in a way that enables barrier-free communication.

Eric Chou, Director Mobile Experience at Samsung Australia says, “‘Chorus of Light’ is more than just an art installation; it’s a collective space for people from all walks of life to come together, break down language barriers and share messages of hope.”

Visit the installation from 6pm at First Fleet Park in the Rocks for the duration of Vivid Sydney.


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