Code Camp – Teaches Kids How To Code And Other Techy Skills

By Pamela Connellan
on 6 December 2021

Code Camp which was founded by Hayley Markham and Ben Levi, creates learning programs for kids which teach them how to write code and other top tech skills. This summer, they’re launching their Drone Camp – where kids learn to fly and code a drone for the first time, along with YouTube Creators, Animation Camp and Code and Create your own DC Superhero.

Since 2013, Code Camp has inspired more than 100,000 kids in over 350 schools across Australia to unleash imaginative ideas through technology at their two-to-three-day camps at various school locations throughout the holidays, as well as through their online camp programs.

The new program for summer is Drone Camp for those aged 9-12 – a program developed by drone enthusiasts to take your child on an adventure around the world as they learn to pilot their own flight missions with a drone!

From learning the fundamentals of drone technology and safety to discovering how drones can spot sharks, fight bushfires and rescue koalas, Drone Camp is an amalgamation of STEM learning, teamwork and social awareness – showcasing how coding and technology can have a positive community impact.

Drones aren’t just another fad

Code Camp
Hayley Markham, co-founder of Code Camp, with her daughters Elli and Milly.

Code Camp co-founder and mother of three, Hayley Markham says when it comes to kids, drones are not just another fad: “Drones are here to stay – and there are a number of compelling reasons to teach kids how to use them. Safety is essential, but we see when a kid launches their first drone, there’s a real mix of excitement, confidence and wonder in the air. When they code their flight path and see their drone take to the sky, it teaches them teamwork, problem-solving, dexterity and also builds their confidence for solo missions.”

Co-founder Ben Levi adds drones are integral to the future of technology: “The scope of using drones within our daily lives is growing exponentially, with more and more people getting into the drone industry and achieving incredible things. We know lots of kids are asking for drones this Christmas and teaching them proper drone piloting is important before they’re let loose.”

Drone Legends CEO and Founder Scott Buell says: “Drone Legends was born out of a dream: to provide a STEM-themed experience that harnesses the magic of drones to make learning fun. I am delighted to be partnering with Code Camp to bring the epic Drone Legends experience to kids around Australia.

“Their mission to teach kids coding in an interesting way, while keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology, aligns perfectly with ours. After all, drones are one of the 21st Century’s fastest growing technologies and an engaging way to teach kids career readiness, maths, science, coding, physics, engineering design and importantly, social-emotional learning.”

Inspiring kids to learn STEM across Australia

Since 2013, Code Camp has inspired more than 100,000 kids in over 350 schools across Australia, to unleash their imaginative ideas through technology at the two-to-three-day camps at various school locations throughout the holidays, as well as through their online camp programs.

Code Camp has also expanded its popular Animation Camp into two and three-day offerings with advanced camp options for older kids. In the three-day camp, students will dive into more advanced stop-motion techniques such as flipping, anticipation, exaggeration and facial animation. They’ll also explore other animation styles, using a second app to make a cool Rotoscope video which will combine live footage with drawing animation.

“Last school holidays, with some states in lockdown, the online Animation Camp was a huge success resulting in some clever productions made by budding animators of the future,” Hayle says. “Kids had a ball creating their own clay and LEGO movies using stop-motion animation.”

Also, just in time for summer, one of the most popular programs for little coders aged 5-6 is called Little Heroes and this will be back as a two-day course. The camp will feature stop-motion animation creation with kids making their own superhero drawing animations as well as starring in a class stop-motion animation production. It will teach hands-on coding activities such as logic and problem-solving and include a mixture of online and offline activities to keep kids engaged throughout the two days.

Also back are three camps that proved popular last school holidays:

  • Code your own DC Super Hero Game at Spark
  • Ignite coding camps
  • YouTube Creators and DJ Camp.

Two-day and three-day in-person camps will be open to kids aged 5-13 around Australia.

For more information, visit the Code Camp website.

Main photo caption: Hayley Markham and her daughters Elli and Milly.

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