Coffee Lovers Rejoice –The New Nespresso Barista Is Here

If you love coffee and prefer making one on your own, then you might want to check out Nespresso's new Barista machine.

Coffee Lovers Rejoice–The New Nespresso Barista Is Now Here!

Nespresso just launched their newest machine as the latest addition to their range of milk frothing devices – the Nespresso Barista.

The Barista lets you create a variety of recipes with just one touch of a button. In typical Nespresso style, the new machine is sleek and practical. It comes equipped with a simple and convenient integrated touchscreen that allows you to create everything from an iced coffee to pretty latte art.

You can also use the Nespresso app, connect it to the machine via Bluetooth, and personalise the machine based on your preferences.

So how do you use the Barista?

  • After extracting your preferred coffee using any Nespresso machine, you can fill the Barista jug with milk or water and select your preferred recipe.
  • The coffee combined with milk or water is then automatically heated to the ideal temperature while the Barista simultaneously froths it to your desired texture, hands-free.

The matte-black Nespresso Barista machine offers the following features:

  • An integrated touch screen with over 20 recipes for hot, cold, and chocolate-based coffees.
  • Connection via Bluetooth to the Nespresso app to discover and download more recipes.
  • Eco-mode after 3 min to save energy.
  • An induction system for uniform heating and optimised recipe preparation.
  • A dishwasher-safe internal jug.

The Nespresso Barista is available for RRP $249 at Nespresso Boutiques and online on the Nespresso website.

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