Connect directly with your taxi driver

By Frederique Bros
on 1 April 2013

Based on some misadventures with taxi drivers the last few years, I still hate using their services  – but thanks to technology (and to my “almost” open mind) there is an app to reunite taxi drivers with passengers, you won’t be ‘best friend’ but the app will help you to locate your taxi driver and vice-versa.

goCatch is a taxi app with a plus. Tap goCatch to catch a taxi and watch your driver approaching. Rate your driver out of 5 stars. Taxi drivers can also download & use goCatch to see where passengers are and get more jobs.

goCatch lets taxi cab drivers and passengers connect directly by using their iPhones. goCatch a Sydney taxi, Melbourne taxi, Brisbane taxi, there are Adelaide cabbies, Perth taxis, even some in Zagreb Croatia and now Singapore! To find the taxi drivers you like, ask them to download goCatch.


• See the available taxis in your area as they drive around, not just the taxis on your street

• Tap the goCatch button to catch one, it’s easy, awesome and free!

• Know when your taxi will arrive and see it approaching on the map. You can stay inside if it’s raining!

• Call your taxi driver directly

• Rate your driver out of 5 stars

Taxi Drivers:

• Get goPoints for collecting passengers. Collecting goPoints will Increase your status from bronze, silver to gold and you will get priority access to the best jobs!

• Get the passenger destination & pickup before you choose to accept or ignore the job

• Enter your shifts to receive notifications when new jobs come through

• Receive alerts when you are on shift and get more jobs through goCatch

Please note, ladies that this taxi app, will help you to be and to feel safer late at night 🙂

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