Conquer The Crisis Seminar Could Help Your Business From COVID-19

Emeric Brard
on 24 March 2020

On Friday March 27, 2020, an event called ‘Conquer the Crisis’ will be live-streamed for free to help small and medium-sized businesses survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn about getting the right mindset, taking charge of your finances, post-pandemic branding, and more with some of Australia’s best business experts.

Conquer the crisis, business

Australia’s 2.2 million small and medium-sized business account for approximately 57% of Australia’s GDP and employ nearly 70% of Australia’s workforce (Just over 9 million people). Naturally, the Coronavirus has lead to a lot of stressful times for these businesses who are worried about losing customers, losing staff, and generally losing everything. It’s said that if the pandemic is to last the six months that the government has estimated, then it’s expected that around 250,000 businesses will sink meaning that over two million Australians lose their jobs.

Therefore, the aim of this seminar is to provide the many worries businesses with ideas, advice, and information on how to survive this crisis and come back good as new when it’s over. The conference will feature “seven of the country’s best business experts will be covering this crisis from every angle: mindset, cashflow, HR & legal, marketing, sales, customer experience, government grants, reinvention and more,” says leading business educator, Dale Beaumont.

Business, Dale Beaumont
Dale Beaumont, leading business educator

‘Conquer the Crisis’ will tackle issues such as:

  • How to Mentally Prepare Yourself & Staff for the Next 90 Days, with global keynote speaker, Keith Abraham
  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Cash Flow During a Crisis, with Brett Kelly, founder and CEO of Kelly+Partners,
  • The “Post Pandemic” Brand Building Blueprint, with customer experience expert, Amanda Stevens
  • COVID-19: What You Can Do and Not Do Regarding Your Staff, with employment lawyer, Andrew Bland
  • 7 Ways to Find More Customers in Tough Times, with leading business coach, Dale Beaumont
  • How to Better Connect with Customers & Retain Top Talent, with strategic communications expert, Jane Anderson
  • Government Support During COVID-19, with business expert, Matt Alderton
  • How to Get Back Momentum and Keep It, with best-selling author, Michael McQueen

“This emergency event will be 100% virtual and live-streamed from our TV studio to all 2.2 million small and medium sized business owners across Australia. It will be entirely free. You won’t need to travel or buy a ticket to attend. You just need to show up – from your home or office,”

said leading business educator, Dale Beaumont

Find more information and register here so you don’t miss out on this potentially business-saving business conference.

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