How To Control Your Weight and Stay Motivated

By Frederique Bros
on 21 July 2014

It’s winter in Australia, it’s cold. Only 7 degrees in the morning, windy and sad. Ask any Australian person, they will tell you the same “I hate winters”! me included. Winter is also the worst season in the year to put some extra kilos and dieting is hard enough. But when you work hard, hop on the scale, and see a number that’s higher than yesterday? Well, that’s just not fair!

How To Control Your Weight and Stay Motivated

With an app of course! Happy Scale is free and one of the most reviewed app! It’s time to tame the scale! Happy scale is a simple weight loss tracker, moving average tracking graph, daily smooth goal watcher’s progress monitor, hacker’s diet log and track results diary all in one app!


The more often you weigh in the more accurate weight predictions will be. For best results, record your weight every day. In return you will see weight trends and daily updates on incremental downward progress – even when you real-world scale won’t budge for a week.


Happy Scale smooths out your daily scale weights to predict your true weight loss. 

– See a smooth weight trend line that shows steady progress every day!

– Get an accurate picture of how much you’re losing per week, month, quarter, and overall!

– Break your weight loss goal into small, incremental milestone goals so you can focus on short-term, achievable goals!

– Protect your privacy with a 4-digit passcode.

– Install on both your iPhone and iPad to record your weight on your iPhone and show off your weight loss progress on your big iPad screen.

Try Happy Scale for free! Within a week, you’ll harness the power to tame the scale so you can focus on what it takes to be successful in your weight loss!

Customer Reviews

Very motivational! 

I love this app! I’m a very visual person and this app is really encouraging, due to it being able to “smooth out” the weight readings, we all know how discouraging it is when you work hard and see a higher number on the scale the next day, but this app works out your average weight over time. It’s awesome! 10/10 would definitely recommend!! =D


This app is really really good!! I’ve tried many weight trackers and they were confusing to use and weren’t telling me what I needed to know. Happy tracker tells me exactly what I want and is not confusing at all!! I love it how you can set a passcode so family members don’t know your weight!! 

Since I have been using this app and wrote about it on the Women Love Tech site, I keep a daily diary of my weight, this way I know when I have to watch my food or if I can enjoy a cute little cupcake with my tea. I really recommend this app!

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