How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

Lots of Women Love Tech readers asked me for more technology tips to use on their computer, iPhone and iPad. I prepared a serie of simple and yet powerful tech-savvy tips for you. Today let’s talk about how to create a beautiful email signature. I am using a Mac, so this article will suit people who are using Mail on their Mac, but you can also use the basics into your Outlook emails.

What To Write On An Email Signature

– Don’t go overboard with information – less is more

– Include your name, position and business name

– Include your best contact details – usually your phone number

– You don’t need to include your email address, it’s already in the tab: From

– Add a polite formula above your name, this way you don’t have to re-type it every time you send an email

– Add your business website address


– Your business logo is one of the most important element in your email signature

– The logo size should be maximum 600px wide (mine is 500 x 75px)

How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

– Your logo image should be in png – it’s a small file (Women Love Tech email logo is only 25kb)

– When you finish designing your logo, save it in a file, for example, Your company file name/sub folder logo/email signatures logo

– It’s better if your logo has your company’s name, because when people see some attachment to your email, they can recognised it which one is yours (womenlovetech-email-signature.png)

Insert Logo into Mail

– Go to Mail, click on Preferences and then signatures

– Select the email address you want to attach the signature

– Click on the right window

– First type your name, role, phone number, and polite phrase

– Then open the file where you saved your email signature logo

– Slowly drag the image under your details

– Attach a link into your image is very easy

– Click on your logo, it should highlight in grey (meaning you’ve selected the image)

– Then go to edit, select add linkHow To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

– A small window will pop up, enter your business url, starting by http:// or https://, and click ok to save


How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

Social Media Icons

– You can choose between typing Facebook address or adding a small social media icon instead – I thinks icons looks cute and friendly use

– Same as the logo, you should prepare your icons, in png, not too big and not too small, try not to go over 50px

– Be sure there are in a saved file (like the logo) this way you will avoid broken links

How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

– Again same as the logo, place them one by one, use the space key on your keyboard to add some space between them

– It’s better if you add one icon, highlight add the link, space, and add the other one after

– Sometimes if the icons are too close to each other, the url links won’t work

What To Avoid 

– Too many details – don’t write your life just the minimum

– If you work at home, avoid to put your personal mailing address

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– Use fancy fonts – Use the fonts provided by Mail – and no comic sans!

– Using too many colors – try to use 2 colors – one basic (black or blue) and one of your logo

– Don’t include personal quotes in a business email signature

How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

More tips

– Always test your email signature on different emails (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc…)

– You can test your email with some free online softwares but I think it’s better if you test it yourself 

– There are plenty of online software to to set up your email signature – I think it’s a bit of waste of money, if you follow these instruction, you will be fine.

– You can create email signatures as much as you want.

Personally I change regularly my email signatures, approximately every 2 or 3 months. For example when I received the IT Journalist Award Finalist I added in my email signature, a little bit of own promotion won’t kill anyone!

Featured Image: DepositPhotos

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Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is a contributor for Women Love Tech. Frederique, who launched the website, has more than ten years in multimedia, graphic and web design. Born in France, she lives in Sydney with her French Bulldog Oscar.






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