How To Create A Beautiful Email Signature

By Frederique Bros
on 14 September 2014

Lots of Women Love Tech readers asked me for more technology tips to use on their computers, iPhones and iPads. I prepared a series of simple yet powerful tech-savvy tips for you. Today let’s talk about how to create a beautiful email signature. I am using a Mac, so this article will suit people who are using Mail on their Mac, but you can also use the basics in your Outlook emails.

What To Write On An Email Signature

– Don’t go overboard with information – less is more

– Include your name, position and business name

– Include your best contact details – usually your phone number

– You don’t need to include your email address, it’s already in the tab: From

– Add a polite formula above your name, this way you don’t have to re-type it every time you send an email

– Add your business website address


– Your business logo is one of the most important elements in your email signature

– The logo size should be maximum 600px wide (mine is 500 x 75px)

– Your logo image should be in PNG – it’s a small file (the Women Love Tech email logo is only 25kb)

– When you finish designing your logo, save it in a file, for example, Your company file name/subfolder logo/email signatures logo

– It’s better if your logo has your company’s name because when people see some attachments to your email, they can recognise it which one is yours (women love tech-email-signature.png)

Insert Logo into Mail

– Go to Mail, click on Preferences and then signatures

– Select the email address you want to attach the signature

– Click on the right window

– First type your name, role, phone number, and polite phrase

– Then open the file where you saved your email signature logo

– Slowly drag the image under your details

– Attach a link to your image is very easy

– Click on your logo, it should be highlighted in grey (meaning you’ve selected the image)

– Then go to edit, select add link

– A small window will pop up, enter your business URL, starting with http:// or https://, and click ok to save


Social Media Icons

– You can choose between typing your Facebook address or adding a small social media icon instead – I think icons look cute and friendly use

– Same as the logo, you should prepare your icons, in PNG, not too big and not too small, try not to go over 50px

– Be sure they are in a saved file (like the logo) this way you will avoid broken links

– Again same as the logo, place them one by one, and use the space key on your keyboard to add some space between them

– It’s better if you add one icon, highlight the link, and space, and add the other one after

– Sometimes if the icons are too close to each other, the URL links won’t work

What To Avoid 

– Too many details – don’t write your life just the minimum

– If you work at home, avoid putting your personal mailing address

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– Use fancy fonts – Use the fonts provided by Mail – and no comic sans!

– Using too many colours – try to use 2 colours – one basic (black or blue) and one of your logo

– Don’t include personal quotes in a business email signature

More tips

– Always test your email signature on different emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc…)

– You can test your email with some free online software but I think it’s better if you test it yourself 

– There are plenty of online software to set up your email signature – I think it’s a bit of a waste of money, if you follow these instructions, you will be fine.

– You can create email signatures as much as you want.

Personally, I change regularly my email signatures, approximately every 2 or 3 months. For example, when I received the IT Journalist Award Finalist I added in my email signature, that a little bit of my own promotion won’t kill anyone!

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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