How To Create Your Own Fun Emoji For Free

By Frederique Bros
on 9 August 2016

Emoji is the new black. We express our feelings via emojis, we all have our favourite, my favourite is the smiley and I love the one with the black glasses, every time I think: cool.

What about if I tell you can now create your own emoji for free? Yeah, right!

Make your own emojis & share them with your emoji keyboard! You will need to copy/paste the emojis into iMessage, but this keyboard will be updated daily with new emojis.

This new app gives users instant access to over 5000 emojis, and an additional 1000 more every month through its continuously growing library of community created emojis.


Makemoji is also a Social Network. By following other users your can access the amazing emojis they’ve made & can share them with your friends.

– 100% Free
– Create and Share Your Emojis with Friends Around the World
– Make Unlimited Emojis
– Over 1,000+ New Pre-Made Emojis
– Easily Send Emojis via SMS/Text Message

More Info:

– Emojis works in-line with text

– No copy/paste & users don’t need to go into their settings to turn the keyboard on

– Over 5,000 emojis in our library (grows by 1,000 a month)

– 100 emojis shared every minute

– 100k emojis shared last week alone

– We’ve had more than 2M emojis shared in the last 3 months

– Working with over 100 apps

– Works with Layer Atlas, Quickblox and FranklyChat SDK

Get yours now, it’s free on Apple.

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