How To Create Time-Lapse Video With Your iPhone

Frederique Bros
on 8 December 2014

You don’t need expensive video equipment to create amazing and unique videos. What you need is an iPhone 6, a large match’s box, Blue-Tack and two toilet paper rolls to replace a tripod! I know it sounds a bit quirky, but wait to see the video of the film maker Jason Van Genderen, who filmed Martin Place in Sydney during Christmas preparation!

Ahead of the holidays when people will be capturing all sorts of memories, award winning film maker, Jason van Genderen created this amazing TimeLapse on his iPhone 6 of the Christmas tree at Martin Place. He also has a great video with tips for how people can also create their own TimeLapse with the help of a few household items.

How To Create Time-Lapse Video on Your iPhone

The TimeLapse feature on iPhone lets people create dramatic videos showing an accelerated sequence of photos over time. Your iPhone does all the hard work, just swipe left to select Time-lapse mode, tap the Record button and let Camera record as long as you choose. Great for capturing your own Christmas tree decoration, a beautiful sunrise or crowds of people.

The Pocket Filmmaker’s tips for capturing TimeLapse:

– Get a great vantage point

– Get stability. If you don’t have access to a tripod or mounting bracket you can use a matchbox or empty toilet paper rolls to keep the phone steady as quick fix tripod.

– Movement: Time-lapse works best when there is heaps of action happening in the background. Moving shadows and clouds can reveal some pretty amazing results.

– Patience: Let your iPhone do all the hard work – you need time for the magic to happen.

– Lensing: You can vary the view in your iPhone with lenses that expand the scene for a wider view or crop in to see more detail.

– Experiment and have fun!

Images: DepositPhotos
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