Give Alexa A Voice And Skill That Fits Your Family With Amazon Blueprints

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 18 November 2018

In the world of increasing tech-enabled personalisation, Amazon has launched Alexa Skill Blueprints enabling you to customise skills and responses for Alexa. It’s all been made super easy for you with a variety of templates, so you can build your very own experiences for Alexa in a matter of minutes. just minutes by filling in the blanks.

The idea is to make Alexa more useful at home.

By creating Alexa’s skills for yourself and your family, you can provide Alexa useful information for guests or baby sitter’s. You can choose to keep them specifically for the devices registered to your Amazon account or enable sharing and send to friends or family by email, Facebook or message.

“Alexa Skill Blueprints is an entirely new way for you to create personalised Alexa skills just for you and your family,” said Kate Burleigh, Australia and New Zealand Country Manager, Alexa Skills.

“You don’t need experience building skills or coding to get started—my family created our own jokes skill in a matter of minutes, and it’s been fun to interact with Alexa in this new and personal way.”

Using Alexa Skill Blueprints is as easy as filling in the blanks. You can customise responses to questions like “Alexa, what is the best city?” or “Alexa, who has the best sense of humour?”

You can also use Skill Blueprints to create an interactive adventure story with your child as the lead character, “Alexa, start Anna’s Story,” or create a skill to poke fun at Dad’s daggy one-liners, “Alexa, open Dad Jokes.”

The skills and responses you create with Alexa Skill Blueprints will be available instantly on the devices associated with your account.

Here is how you can get started with Alexa Skill Blueprints:

Creating your own Alexa skill and responses is simple. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Select your Blueprint template by visiting the Alexa Skill Blueprints website: There you can browse more than 30 Skill Blueprints across four categories including Fun & Games, At Home, Storyteller, and Learning & Knowledge.
  • Unleash your creativity. Each Blueprint comes with pre-filled content that can be used as-is or customised as you like.
  • With just one click your skill will be available on all Alexa-enabled devices associated with your Amazon account. You can also see the list of skill Blueprints in the “Private Skills” section of the Alexa App.
  • To launch your personal skill just use the relevant name you’ve chosen, for example, “Alexa, open House Guest” or “Alexa, start Dave’s story.”

There is no limit to the number of skills you can create. Need to add even more hilarious jokes to the “Dad Jokes” skill? No problem, editing is just as simple using the Alexa Skill Blueprints website.

For more information and too get started with Alexa Skill Blueprints visit: For frequently asked questions:

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