Creating a Custom QR Code with Flowcode

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on 16 April 2022

Flowcode is a quick and handy way to create custom QR codes.

Did you know that QR code stands for Quick Response code? It is a type of barcode that stores information as a series of pixels and can be read by a mobile device. The technology has been around since 1994 as a way to track parts in vehicle manufacturing.

You will need to register for an account on the Flowcode website. Then you can start designing your QR code. You can name your flowcode and then specify the scan destination (for example a website, social media account etc). Then you can design your flowcode with a range of different colours, patterns (squares, blocks, stars or hearts), style. Lastly you can decide whether you’d like to optionally include a centre image (like your logo).

You can save the image in a range of file types, including PNG, JPG or SVG.

After you’ve created your Flowcode, you can then save it to your photos or desktop to share with others.

You can print out your flowcode and order products via the Print Store. There are lots of templates including stickers, business cards, flyers, posters, table tents, cards, postcards, labels, tags, phone wallpapers, social posts, social stories, zoom backgrounds, banners for TV and scan prompts.

When you log in to the Flowcode website, you can view your analytics. Every time someone scans your QR code, you’ll capture some data about the user. You’ll be able to see geo location tracking and customer engagement.

There are solutions available for events, real estate, restaurants, e-commerce, weddings and designers.

Flowcode might be an ideal solution for your business, that is, if your customers don’t have QR code fatigue.

About Flowcode

Flowcode is an offline to online company, building direct connections for brands and consumers. By unifying data-driven design with the latest in QR technology, Flowcode enables contactless connection with speed, security and ease. Privacy compliant, ultra-fast scanning, and designed with intention, Flowcode is the number one trusted QR provider. Our companion product, Flowpage, organizes your digital footprint in one mobile-first landing page, creating a seamless experience to more deeply connect with audiences while tracking real-time analytics. Paired together, our tech allows consumers and creators to connect the real world to the digital world instantly and magically.

Founded by the former CEO of AOL, we are a team of large company executives, startup founders, engineers, scientists, artists, and designers – who are all data-obsessed. Flowcode is always looking to increase our potential as a company. We are focused on building a powerfully diverse workforce, not just because it is the right thing to do but because it expands the power of our team exponentially. Flowcode website:

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