Creating Global Synergies That Matter

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on 29 April 2022

Creating Global Synergies That Matter, report by Annie Gibbins

Let’s face it, the world is a much smaller place. Who would have thought ten years ago, five even, that we would be holding global summits online? The power of connection is fast becoming a prerequisite when it comes to business and networking. Despite the gross economic fall-out following the global pandemic, we are in-touch and in-tune with one another, more than ever. But whilst life seems to be resuming to a state of ‘normal’, our former pandemic practices may stick around for good. And this is where technology comes in.

It has been said that female leaders respond better in a crisis and this concept is often referred to as ‘the glass cliff’. Much like the glass ceiling, identifying a risk or barrier is where women ultimately excel. When a business is in trouble, female leaders are often placed at the forefront to resolve and reverse negative decline. When women are given an opportunity to revive a floundering organisation, as C-Suite pioneers, they can often save a business from collapse. This is no different to creating a global network that counts. 

Self-isolation and a sluggish start to 2022, put our global business networks to the ultimate test. We are now digital-scrollers, reliant upon social media statistics to direct and validate us. In today’s rattled and professionally exhausted world, are we capable of trending real change? Are we able to keep heart and humanity through a screen, whilst affirming our key objectives: to achieve synergistic partnerships with women in business? 

There are of course many types of partnerships and having the savviness to identify a potential collaboration is key. Networking is more than the exchange of business cards and LinkedIn reviews – it’s about tackling issues that matter, from the heart. From problem solving coalitions that set out to tackle a particular challenge, to market shaping investments with multiple stakeholders to address a shortfall in a broken system, as leaders we are now responsible for carving out a virtual process that works. 

Not surprisingly, my success recipe has a robust strategy, methodology, systems, and processes that work, time and time again. But we all have insider hacks that unify us in our shared goals, so here are my top tips to help you tap into your international opportunities. 

Identify who’s who: Identify leaders and innovators, who share similar goals. Only when you align your desired outcomes, can a relationship form to change what you believe is broken. 

Build your community: Build a collective of partners who are committed to creating change. More than ever, authenticity is at the core of a trusted network. 

Identify to innovate: Understand the context of your connection. If innovation is at the top of your game plan, diagnose the issue to solve it. 

Who are tomorrow’s leaders: Intentionally plan to prosper. Create a network of people who think into the future and explore emerging trends that realistically forecast the sector you are working within. 

It’s nothing without a vision: Without a purpose, a network can be a sinking ship. If your goal is to enhance the visibility of female leaders, identify as a global community what you ultimately want to achieve.

Brainstorm like crazy: As thought-leaders, female entrepreneurs are naturally creative trouble-shooters. Map out how you are going to enhance the profile of your vision. Adaptation is everything so being responsive with change is key.

Collectively action: Working across multiple sectors, platforms and time zones is the easy part. But ensuring accountability is paramount if you are going to lead change and disrupt the norm. 

Keep up the pace: Creating global partnerships means investing heavily in your community. As a CEO, I know what it’s like to juggle a million balls in the air. The key is, to never drop the glass ones. 

But my passion for a better, more equal world doesn’t stop there. Why, because female CEOs remain a rare commodity.And it’s time for a drastic change. Certainly, we are seeing more women fill executive leadership roles, but few are handed the baton when it comes to feeding the bottom line.

Did you know that only 4.6% of the Global 500 CEOs are women? In the US, this number has hit a record high, with 8.3% of Fortune 500 CEOs listed as female leaders! It is clear that we still have a long way to go. With the pandemic severely denting the gender C-Suite discussion, it feels a little like, ‘one step forward, and twenty reforms back’.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I am a passionate thought-leader and ‘fempreneur’ when it comes to healthy disruption of stagnant thinking.


Tips To Disrupt Stagnant Thinking

Dominate the ‘know, like and trust principle’: Be the trustworthy source for those who will hire you and buy your products and services.

Fine-tune your product market fit: Put your product into practice as a front winner.

Drive traffic directly to your service or product: Ensure you are front and centre on your social platforms and understand the importance of creating frequent and engaging content via your website and alternative products.

Create a sales blueprint that works every time: Create a sales process and cycle, identify your sustainability, and identify the methods in creating a media profile, by fine-tuning your product or service to be 7-figure ready.

Quick wins leading to joy and satisfaction: Discover the importance of customer happiness, the dire consequences of poor customer service and how to implement the software tools to track your progress, the efficient way.

Create a sense of urgency and demand in sales: It can be easy to become the manic hamster on the wheel reacting to your success rather than sustaining and enjoying it. I want to demonstrate  how to work with urgency the blissful way.

Build brand value: Dominate your market. It’s so important to build brand value, by calculating your brand value daily, and understanding what makes your brand standout. I will provide industry advice on how to build your brand value from 5 successful brand managers in my global network.

Build effective and efficient systems and processes: Be prepared to back your brandas you launch over the precipice to success. Are you running ineffective business systems or are you nailing the benefits of an effective business model that works?

Go big: Be a niche, standout, influencer and change the future of your business.

And lastly,

Never leave a leader behind.

More about Annie Gibbins

As a purpose driven ‘Fempreneur’ – a CEO, author and podcaster, Annie helps women close the gap between where they are today, and where they dream to be, both personally and professionally. As the creator of the ‘Women’s Business Incubator’, she offers 6-month online programs designed to help women start-up, scale-up and dominate in business. 

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