Creepy, Clever or Cute? CyberDog Bringing Tech to Your Street

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 15 May 2022

I first saw candid videos of a CyberDog walking around the streets from a friend living in Shanghai. The sci-fi looking robot dog was making announcements about the strict lockdown.

To be honest, it was a little surreal watching the videos on social media.

The CyberDog is Xiaomi’s first quadruped robot. The dog is futuristic looking and packed with amazing technology that is open-source, allowing developers to build upon and customize it to their needs.

There are two versions, the entry-level version being sold as a cute harmless robot pet. It can dance, detect obstacles, flip jump and shake someone’s hand. It can follow its owner and dart around obstacles. Owners can train the CyberDog with voice assistants to respond to commands and control its movements. Alternatively, the robot can be controlled by an accompanying remote and smartphone app.

The more expensive enterprise version can be used for surveillance with human posture and face recognition. It allows for monitoring and data collection in dangerous and volatile environments.


  • Ideal for working on construction and dangerous sites, including offshore rigs, underground mines and inside nuclear power plants.
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Open source allows for sharing modules and customizing to your business needs


  • Without an educational program, CyberDog could be portrayed as scary and creepy, especially to children
  • Few rules and regulations around this emerging technology
  • Privacy concerns
Image Credit: Xiaomi


  • Agile movements including high speeds up to 3.2metres per second and backflips
  • Power by an AI supercomputer and NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX platform
  • 384 CUDA® Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, a 6 Carmel ARM CPU, and 2 deep learning acceleration engines.
  • 11 high-precision sensors which provide instant feedback to guide its movements, including touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules and more
  • Camera sensors include AI interactive cameras, binocular ultra-wide angle fisheye cameras, and Intel ® RealSense™ D450 Depth module
  • The vision sensor system allows the CyberDog to recognize human posture and face recognition tracking
  • Rich external interfaces with 3 type-C ports and 1 HDMI port, so developers can add on search lights, panoramic camera, motion camera, LiDAR and more.
Image Credit: Xiaomi

Developers, fans and robotic enthusiasts can join the Xiaomi Open-Source Community.

All I want to know is, can CyberDog bring you a cold beer from the fridge?

About Xiaomi

Xiaomi Corporation was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018 (1810.HK).

Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core.

Embracing our vision of “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in the users’ hearts”, Xiaomi continuously pursues innovations, high-quality user experience and operational efficiency. The company relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology.

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone companies. The company’s market share in terms of smartphone shipments ranked no. 3 globally in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The company has also established the world’s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, more than 434 million smart devices connected to its platform (excluding smartphones and laptops) as of December 31, 2021, excluding smartphones and laptops.

Xiaomi products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

In August 2021, the company made the Fortune Global 500 list for the third time, ranking 338th, up 84 places compared to 2020.

Xiaomi is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index, Hang Seng TECH Index and Hang Seng China 50 Index.


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