Discover Samsung Wireless Fitness Earbuds Gear IconX

By Frederique Bros
on 28 July 2016

Samsung Electronics Australia has introduced the latest in fitness and lifestyle technology, with the launch of Gear IconX. With a heart rate monitor, data tracking, and real-time performance feedback in a beautifully crafted portable design, the Gear IconX cord-free wireless earbuds are designed to help Australians achieve their fitness goals.

Discover Samsung Wireless Fitness Earbuds Gear IconX

Gear IconX is designed to support data tracking, real-time performance feedback, in a beautifully crafted portable design. The cord-free wireless earbuds are also designed to help Australians achieve their fitness goals through its heart rate monitor and Bluetooth connectivity to Samsung’s mobile fitness app, S-Health via a compatible Samsung device.

The Gear IconX earbuds are an excellent accessory for physical training sessions, designed to track heart rate1, distance, speed, and duration, while also calculating calories burned based on activity levels.

“IconX is beautifully designed wearable technology that offers new functionality for Australians who live a mobile and active lifestyle,”

said Prasad Gokhale – Vice President, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia. “This product breaks new ground for our Gear wearables category by combining fitness tracking and real-time alerts in a simple and easy to use earbud design.”

Simplified fitness tracking

Activated by simply placing them in-ear, the Gear IconX earbuds are designed to track fitness data automatically, meaning consumers can just put them in and go. Thanks to seamless integration with S Health2 – Samsung’s health and fitness app – progress can be easily monitored long-term by transferring and managing recorded data via a compatible Samsung smartphone between workouts.

Gear IconX also offer Voice Guide, which provides instant in-ear feedback on performance, and utilises the earbuds’ built-in heart rate monitor1 to help people stay in the Vigorous Intensity Zone for an effective training session.

Intuitive design and functionality

Designed to be comfortable for the specific needs of the user, the Gear IconX earbuds offer small, medium and large ear tip and wingtip sizes, to help provide a secure fit for all.

With storage providing enough room for up to 1,000 songs, these earbuds enable Australians to leave their smartphone at home and still take their music with them – a simple tap or swipe is all that’s needed for play/pause, song navigation and volume control. Gear IconX is also designed to offer increased environmental awareness via an Ambient Sound Mode, which helps to allow the user to be more aware of sounds around them while exercising.

Key features of Gear IconX include:
· Automatic fitness data tracking
· 4GB of internal storage (up to 3.5GB user-accessible memory), store up to 1,000 songs
· Voice Guide provides in-ear feedback on performance
· Ambient Sound Mode to help increase awareness
· Convenient charging case that not only keeps the Gear IconX earbuds safe, but also allows for up to two additional battery recharges that begin automatically when the earbuds are placed inside

Pricing and Availability
The Gear IconX earbuds are compatible with a range of Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6, as well as other devices running Android 4.4 + with 1.5GB ram.


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