Discover SmartGPS Connecting Your Devices With Social Media

By Frederique Bros
on 12 March 2014

I am always happily surprised how technology is growing making our life easier and funnier. Last week, I attended the Navman event and again I was excited to discover their new product; SmartGPS – this gadgets will revolutionise the way we drive around offering so many options between, petrol rates, best pizza prices, or speeding camera locations and of course updated driving maps. It’s going to be one of this top gadget of the year that everyone will love to possess. Discover SmartGPS connecting your devices with social media.

What Is SmartGPS

It’s the first GPS that links multiple devices and integrates social platform. This new device joins the pieces between technology and modern lifestyles, harnessing the power of connectivity in the car, and helping bring more convenience to users as they go about their everyday lives. It not only provides live instantaneous information based on your location – whether it is the cheapest petrol in the area, mobile speed cameras nearby, or a café with a special offer – it also syncs seamlessly with other devices when connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so an address you found using your phone, tablet or computer can be wirelessly sent to your SmartGPS.

It’s the first navigation device to integrate with social media platforms – including Yelp and Foursquare – to deliver live recommendations for what to do, see or visit anywhere in Australia. Meaning when you drive and use your SmartGPS, the device will tell you where in the street where is the best pizza and in same time will warn you where is the speed radar.

According to Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Technology Australia, the launch is one of the most exciting innovations in GPS technology for years and one that the company is confident Australians, as early adopters of new technologies, will love.

“The Navman SmartGPS uses advanced cloud technology that allows you to seamlessly share information between home, work, mobile and car using the Smart Eco for computers, and the SmartGPS companion app for mobile devices.  Once you have saved an address from any device, all the information is stored on the Smart CloudEco and can be pushed to the SmartGPS device, then used at your convenience.  What’s also special about Navman’s Smart CloudEco is that it is location-based, so the information pushed to you, while driving or walking, is relevant to exactly where you are,” said Wendy.


– Live petrol and weather – As you are driving, the Navman SmartGPS will let you know prices from the nearest petrol stations around you, and based on the type of petrol you use for your car.

– Live Traffic alerts – SmartGPS will update traffic information every 30 seconds.

– Foursquare and Yelp – When you are driving, the tiles on the device can show reviews as well as special deals through Foursquare and Yelp.

– One Touch menu – allows you to save several addresses.

– Customisable interface – You can personalise what information category you would like to see in each tile and the position of the tiles.

How It Works

– You need a Navman Smart Gps

– Download the free app – SmartGPS

– Connect all your devices and you are ready to go.

Even though your SmartGPS can work without the following steps, you will get the most out of this device by using the Smart CloudEco to link your devices.

The Navman SmartGPS, RRP $299, will be available from March 2014 at JB HiFi, Dick Smith and selected Harvey Norman stores nationally. For more information, visit:

Photos: Navman

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