Divoom Customizable Pixel Art Pixoo Backpack and Sling Bag

Divoom has released a popular backpack and sling bag that you can customize with a digital pixel art on the front.

Divoom Pixel Art Pixoo Backpack

The backpack features an animated LED screen. You can design your own pixel art or select one from hundreds of designs in Divoom’s online gallery and shared community. One of the drawbacks is you’ll need to carry a power bank (it doesn’t come with one)– so look for one that’s small and light.

Image Credit: Divoom

The bag allows you to carry everything you need with a separate laptop compartment (to hold 13 inch laptop) and four hidden pockets. The adjustable shoulder straps are made with a breathable fabric.

Image Credit: Divoom

If you’re a bike rider, you can buy an optional Divoom Pixoo backpack remote control accessory that you can add to your bike and display different signals.

To buy the Divoom Pixoo Backpack: https://www.divoom.com/product/pixoo-backpack.html

Divoom Pixel Art Pixoo Sling Bag

Divoom held a successfully funded Kickstarter program to allow them to expand their range to include a customizable Pixel Art sling bag.

The bag is weather resistant and designed for urban life. It features a built-in LED screen and mobile app to let you display animations, logos, emojis and words. You can even draw your own artwork to use, or select art created by the online community.

Image Credit: Divoom

The Divoom app allows you to receive SNS notifications, play classic pixel games, set alarms and use a daily planner, and features a pedestrian warning. The sling bag can fit a mobile phone, sunglasses, and all of your essentials with dual-sided open pockets.

Image Credit: Divoom

The bag has a magnetic quick-release and you can carry larger items with an exterior device strap.

To buy the Divoom Pixoo Sling Bag: https://www.divoom.com/product/Pixoo-Slingbag.html

The pixel art looks best in darkness or at night.

 You can download the Divoom Smart app from:

Apple App store: https://apps.apple.com/cn/app/divoom/id1237452417

Google Play for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.divoom.Divoom

Divoom products can be bought in Australia from Harvey Norman, Optus, Telstra, Myer, Harris Technology, and more. You can also buy them from Amazon.com and Divoom International.

About Divoom

Divoom is a leading innovator in pixel display and sound. As the world’s only manufacturer of pixel Bluetooth speakers, they are always striving to create the best visual and auditory experience and provide people around the world with pixel life.

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