Don’t Miss The New TV Series – Hacks

Pamela Connellan
on 6 August 2021

There’s a new TV series called Hacks which is streaming now on Stan and it’s getting rave reviews with some critics saying this is one of the best TV series released in 2021. Others say stop what you’re doing right now and binge watch the entire series.

Hacks has already been nominated for fifteen Emmys and six other industry awards since its international release. Is it worth all the hype?

Well, firstly here’s some background on what Hacks, is all about. Jean Smart stars as Deborah Vance, a legendary entertainer and comedian whose long-standing performances at a Las Vegas casino are on the verge of being cut to allow the new talent some time to shine.

At first, Deborah doesn’t want to make any changes to her life or her show to stop being axed. She lives in a huge Las Vegas mansion manned by staff she rules with an iron fist, but who are still fiercely loyal to her. She never allows her ‘star persona’ to drop and always arrives in full hair and makeup.


But now she has to make sure she survives. In comes Ava Daniels, played by Hannah Einbinder, a young comedy writer who has been cancelled after she posted a humorous tweet about a conservative senator and his gay son. Soon, she was in hot water so after losing all of her TV and writing gigs, she needs something to pay the bills.

Deborah and Ava are brought together by their mutual agent, Jimmy (Paul W. Downs), who packs Ava off to Las Vegas to work for Deborah. But when the two women meet, they instantly don’t like each other.

For a start, Ava thinks that working for an aging comedian is beneath her, while Deborah feels she doesn’t need a young woman with no understanding of her humour working on her team.

You get the idea – this is a bit like a clash of generations. They throw insults at each other and it does make compelling viewing.

This is because Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder are a perfectly matched pair for this type of on-screen banter. They have the chemistry needed to get you laughing out loud.

And their characters are both fully rounded and complex – not falling back on old versus young stereotypes. In fact, you never know what they’re going to say.

To top it all off, Jean Smart is riding a wave of success right now because of her work alongside Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown. But many are saying her role in Hacks is the kind of character that comes along usually once in a career.

It’s not only the characters of Deborah and Ava who are great to watch because there’s a cast of supporting actors who are comically gifted as well.

Basically, Hacks has some of the sharpest writing we’ve seen for a long time in a TV series and if there was ever a show that’s worth watching, we think it could be this one.

All the episodes of Hacks are now streaming on Stan so if you don’t have Stan, try it out with the 30-day free trial they offer.

All episodes of the new series Hacks are now streaming  on Stan…

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