Dyson AirWrap And The Coanda Effect That Provides A Barrel Of Curls

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 28 November 2018

Styling hair usually means blow drying before styling. But the engineers at Dyson had different ideas altogether and went to work on the new state of the art Airwrap styler which styles wet to dry. And, styles beautifully at that.

Radically different from any hair appliance on the market, the Airwrap reminds me of the leap that was made in cooking when the induction oven was invented.

It is only made possible because of a physical phenomenon known as the Coanda effect which allows the hair to curl around the barrel. The sheer ingenuity of the way in which it works is beyond fabulous. Most people gasp when they first witness how your wet hair seems to magically wrap around the styling barrel.

The Coanda effect occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and, due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface. Taking advantage of this principle Dyson’s team of aerodynamicists created a way to style hair using only air combined with heat. The result, whether you choose to curl, wave, smooth or rough dry your hair, creates a natural look with a sleek finish, helping prevent extreme heat damage.

The way it works is the motor spins to create an area of high pressure at the top of the styling barrel. A high velocity jet of air disperses out of six air slots around the barrel.

The machine’s styling brushes are also engineered to take advantage of the Coanda effect. To achieve a sleek blow dry finish, the brushes align hair when styling, helping to provide a smooth shiny finish when dry.

In order to keep the airflow focused in the desired styling direction engineers incorporated a switching mechanism. This directs airflow according to the tension in the brush. No matter which way you brush through hair strands, the air flows in the direction of your hair. This helps achieve a stylist-inspired blow dry finish.

After choosing the attachment for the desired look, the combination of powerful airflow and heat control allows you to style without extreme heat with ease – saving time and avoiding tangling.

There is also an intelligent heat control. A glass bead thermistor measures the temperature up to 40 times a second, transmitting temperature data to the microprocessor and regulating the product’s temperature. This helps ensure hair does not become exposed to extreme heat.

The different attachments help you achieve a different look and they are easy to use, in fact they come in an ultra stylish box which makes it feel super luxurious and there is a certain amount of pride I’ve enjoyed keeping it stored like that…so much so I’ve been showing it to my girlfriends.

Here are what the different attachments do:

Pre-styling dryer: Prepares hair for styling using a fast but diffused airflow. Engineered for all hair types, it’s designed to dry hair to the ideal moisture level (damp to touch) before using the curling barrels.

Soft smoothing brush: Engineered to add body and volume to limp, flat hair while creating a smooth, blow dry finish. Ball-tipped bristles allow for increased tension to help keep hair aligned to the brush.

40mm Airwrap barrel: To create loose curls or waves for thicker, coarser hair that has some shape.

30mm Airwrap barrel: To create voluminous curls or waves for most hair types. Achieve voluminous curls for those with limp, finer or straighter hair. Get tighter curls for those with thicker, coarser hair with some shape.

Firm smoothing brush: To create a straighter style with less frizz. Engineered to tame and smooth unruly, thicker, coarser hair, with firm straight bristles to help create tension and reduce tangling.

Round volumising brush: To create volume and shape. Ideal for creating tension to shape finer, thinner and straighter hair.

Manipulating air is what Dyson does best and the fact that they’ve now thrown their attention to the beauty industry is a boon to women. When I tried out Dyson’s first hair dryer, I never imagined they’d be able to outdo it, but it’s clear they’ve pulled it off. For me, the Dyson Airwrap is an investment in your hair worth making.

Dyson’s New State Of The Art Airwrap Styler Is Simply The Bizz

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