Help Our Fragile Earth This Earth Day with GreenChoice App

Sadie Archibald
on 17 April 2020

Whether you have watched the recent news or witnessed it yourself, our fragile planet is in need of your help. With Earth Day here, many of us will be locked indoors and questioning how we can help and live a more sustainable lifestyle amid this pandemic. We might also wonder how we can improve our own health.

Women Love Tech checked out the GreenChoice App which not only guides you to meet your own nutrition needs but also considers the best options for the planet.

GreenChoice is a free mobile app created by Founder and CEO Galen Karlan-Mason. It simplifies grocery shopping from the comforts of your home by deciphering labels, avoiding harmful ingredients, and reducing your carbon footprint, all while managing a budget. What more could you want?

The truth is that our food choices can have drastic impacts on our fragile planet. So it is important to find trustworthy information to make informed choices on what to buy and eat.

The Green Choice app allows users to search and scan products in the comforts of their own home to immediately discover what’s in and behind our food. It also has features such as personalised recommendations, shopping lists, tracks your impact, all in the one app!

It does this by analysing research from Federal agencies, research institutes, third-party certifiers, peer-reviewed publications, public filings, and more. This informed data on food, health, and sustainability can be matched with your personal preferences. Giving you the information that many labels don’t.

It is from these individual choices, such as sustainable food shopping that can collectively create profound societal and environmental impact and make the world a better place. And that’s why we’d happily recommend this app to you.

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