Celebrating Mother Earth In Style With New Messenger Features

Emeric Brard
on 25 April 2021

Facebook’s Messenger has announced a whole new range of features to help people celebrate Earth Day the right way. Have fun with everything from 360 backgrounds to new chat themes that will get you in the mood to support #MotherEarth.

Here are Messenger’s new features:

Travel the world…virtually!

Earth Day is all about one thing – our own Mother Earth. So, what better way to celebrate it than to experience some of the world’s most beautiful natural regions right from your smartphone? 

Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park via Lonely Planet

With new 360 backgrounds to places like Acadia, Canyonlands, Death Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park, this Earth Day, you won’t be missing out on the beauty that our planet has to offer. 

Put your Earth colours on

Messenger has collaborated with Lucas Wakamatsu to create an Earth Day-themed chat with the addition of a whole bunch of new stickers. 

Chat Theme + Stickers, Messenger

There’s also fun for the younger ones. On Messenger Kids, magical forests can be explored and flowers can be collected within the app with the “Flower Forest” game.

If you, like Women Love Tech, are a friend of the earth, you can show your support by spicing up your photos with an Earth Day frame, decorative stickers, and even AR photos with Earth Day friends.

Earth Day Frame
Earth Day Frame

How do I access these new features?

360 Backgrounds

  • Open up the Messenger app and start a video call or create a Room
  • Then simply tap each of the backgrounds near the bottom of your screen  

Note: these backgrounds can also be accessed via the Portal in the effects tray during calls.

Chat Themes 

  • In the app, open a chat and tap on the top bar 
  • Go to setting and select “Theme” 
  • From here, you can find the Earth Day theme 

For Instagram users

  • Open a chat 
  • Tap the information button on the top right-hand corner 
  • Under the chat’s settings click the “Theme” button 
  • From there, select the Earth Day theme

Messenger Kids Artwork and Game 

  • Select the camera button 
  • Tap the screen to access the effects tray

Note: the “Flower Forest” game can be found in the explore tab.


  • The ‘Celebrate Earth’ sticker pack for Messenger can be downloaded here
  • Alternatively, click on the smiley face in the text box of any Messenger conversation 

For Instagram stories

  • Press the sticker tool 
  • Select “GIF”
  • Then search for them using any of these keywords: #EarthDay, #MotherEarth, #GoGreen


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